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Is e-liquid safe in present competitive scenarios?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , July 16, 2017

Vaping e-liquid is the best way to quit smoking as there is no burning of toxins and no combustion takes place.

Vaping is mostly done by the smokers who would not like to smoke the actual cigarette but to get the feeling of smoking. So, in that case, e-cigarettes are used. But, what is there in the e-cigarette, e-cig contains e-juice. E-juice is also commonly called as e-liquid, where the atomizer of the e-cigarette comes in contact with the e-liquid and in turn produces the vapor. Then, you can inhale and exhale the vapor as you do at the time of smoking.

It works on the battery and the heating coil, once the atomizer comes in contact with the liquid then the battery is activated, and heating coil heats the liquid in the form of vapor. The high-quality e-cigarettes will provide the sufficient temperature to the e-liquid, if it's over heated then there are chances that the e-liquid will release toxins in the vapor.

The thickness and viscosity of the e-liquid vary from one product to another. Also, there are various flavors available in e-liquids which can be used to change the flavor of the e-cigarette. So, vaping e-liquid is the best way to quit smoking as there is no burning of toxins and no combustion takes place.

What are the ingredients used in e-liquid?

It all depends on the manufacturer of the e-liquid; it varies from brand to brand. The essential ingredients used are nicotine, propylene glycol, flavor, vegetable glycerine and proportion of water. But, most of the e-liquids sold these days are not good for health. They use Diacetyl which is a flavoring substitute which is not good for inhaling. It is used in butter flavoring, so inhaling he diacetyl can cause lung disorder.

Why buy e-liquid from the trustable brand?

Most of the e-liquids are produced at the back of the shops or in the garage. Since the intention behind producing the e-liquids is great, but the composition to make the e-liquid is not at all good. They try to provide the e-liquid at the competitive price, but some harmful chemicals used is not at all safe. So, you must choose the e-liquid wisely. Some of the companies provide the chemical reports of the chemicals used in the labs to produce the e-liquid. Also, the professional scientists and the lab assistants are hired to make sure that the quality of the e0liquid is good and it doesn't harm the consumers.

So, it becomes more important for the consumers to do the research well and then buy the e-liquid. If the toxins are released in the vapor, then it can cause several lung disorders.

Is simply e-liquid safe?

Simply e-liquid is the UK based company; they produce the e-liquid under the guidance of the expert scientists and in the proper labs. To give you complete assurance, they take complete care of the chemicals used in the e-liquids. Also, many flavors are provided in the e-liquids so that you can choose your favorite flavor to smoke. So, if you wish to quit smoking then start vaping e-liquid.

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