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jealousy may lie behind the smirks as well as smiles..... Jealousy can be revealed in the foxiest way by closing opportunities to efficient and talented people..

Jealousy is the dandruff of mind.The jealousy-dandruff creates uneasiness in the mind and troubles the others and is the root cause for several social disorders.Jealousy stops social growth and promotes individual interests.No existing system of medicine can cure this morbid except spiritual philosophy, which is highly distasteful to the persons whose attitude and life style is dominated by the character of envious thoughts.

Some times it is difficult to understand whether a person possess the element of jealousy in his/her mind because jealousy may lie behind the smirks as well as smiles.Jealousy is the off-shoot of mental or physical inefficiency or inability to tolerate. In other terms, inefficiency or unintelligence is the mother of jealousy and inefficiency and fear together breed and nurture jealousy. The jealous brains feel high degree of nervousness and tension on the presence of efficient or intelligent brains. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, a physically average or unhandsome person might feel jealousy on physically handsome/charming person. Similarly a handsome/charming person might feel high degree of jealousy on the intelligence, abilities, superior thinking, position, behaviour of an unhandsome/average looking man.

A pauper feels jealousy on an opulent. An opulent feels jealousy on the growth of a pauper. A looser feels jealousy on the winner. Old age might feel jealousy on Adolescence and superiority might feel jealousy on superiority and an adolescent might feel jealousy on another adolescent. Finally all categories of minds throw the arrow of jealousy on each other through their peevish looks and through their cunning behaviour.

Determinants of Jealousy: Jealousy might be revealed in the neighbourhoods by throwing the doors and windows shut on the faces of neighbours and by not recognizing them for any valid reason. Jealousy may also be revealed by saying intentionally that I’m not interested in him or in that, as if s/he is not recognizing that person or that particular situation. Jealousy may be revealed sometimes by gathering all inefficient and idiotic brains, at a common place for derecognizing, isolating and defaming the efficient and intelligent persons with presumed fears that s/he may grow influential.

Jealousy may also be revealed sometimes by sudden reticence or reservedness among the close friends and some other times by indifferent behaviour. Jealousy may be revealed by inattention and by looking down others intentionally. Jealousy may also be revealed by disgracing or throwing out or harassing the intelligent people. Jealousy may be revealed by hooting at and ridiculing the soft-minded people. Jealousy can be revealed in the foxiest way by closing opportunities to efficient and talented people. Jealousy has many more forms and it all pervaded.

We call these characters if revealed by lower and middle classes as ‘Jealousy’ and by elite classes as ‘interests’. Its ultimate end is doing evil covertly by being gentle overtly. Pretension is the vertebra of Jealousy and it pampers the egotistic brains to conspire against efficient or intelligent minds. The consequences of Jealousy create intractable hiatus between two friends or individuals. It creates internal and international wars, if people in the power are obsessed by it. However silent destruction is the vital character of Jealousy. It is a slow but the most dangerous venom spewed by the most unintelligent and cruel people through their secret group activities, on the talented persons who possess reformative nature. At the societal level socio-political and economic conflicts occur sheer out of the Jealousy. Remorse, God-fearing nature and humanity are the words not known to the Jealousy. And finally jealousy is the destructive weapon in the possession of an average unwise man. -- By d.chaitanya

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