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Dutch Authority Prepares For Online Gaming Licensing Big Ban

by Editor (editor), , July 05, 2017

The Remote Gaming Bill is expected to be passed by the Dutch government in 2018.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority has confirmed that all online casinos that have provided the correct documentation will be granted licenses simultaneously. This event has become known as the 'Big Bang' and it will make playing and betting online a lot easier and safer for people living in the Netherlands, as well as giving them better access to Red Flush casino games and those that are offered by other sites.

This confirmation was made by Marja Appleman, the CEO of the authority at the Gaming In Holland Conference which was held in mid June. The Remote Gaming Bill is expected to be passed by the Dutch government in 2018 and at the conference she was able to give an insight into the procedures that this bill will introduce.

Appleman was not able to confirm when sites would need to produce the necessary documentation, but she did hint that they should begin this process sooner rather than later. She informed attendees that while the authority would act fairly towards all sites that made an application, they did consider it necessary to be strict about following processes correctly. The aim is to get as many licenses given as possible, but only when all procedures are followed correctly.

The Senate is still deliberating over the bill and as such Appleman was not able to go into a great deal of detail about what is contained in it. However, she was able to say with a certain degree of confidence what the regulations were likely to involve.

Firstly, it is vital that the government know who is behind the site and making the day to day decisions. It is vital that the company that runs the site operates with complete transparency. They will need to know the structure of the company and who is responsible for making what decisions. The whole of the board will have to demonstrate their competency and the company will have to show that it is able to manage financially.

It is also important that the government are able to have confidence in the business decisions that this person will make. It is vital that policies and procedures are in place that will protect players on the site and that they decision maker is able to stick to these procedures. It is expected that the site will have a solid procedure for checking the identity of people who sign up and that steps will be in place to prevent people from developing a gambling addiction.

The third aspect the regulations will look at the site itself. The company that owns the site will have to show that it is secure and that all members information will be kept safe. It is also important that the authority will be able to communicate directly with the site.

When the 'Big Bang' finally happens, then it is going to be a good day for Dutch citizens who enjoy playing at sites such as Red Flush Online Casino. They will have a lot more choice available to them and this will make it easier for them to find a site that offers everything they are looking for.

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