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Finding stylish and trendy photo collage ideas

by Neha SIngh (writer), Los Angeles, June 28, 2017

Looking for quality photo collage ideas?

Looking for quality photo collage ideas? You’re not the only one! History is testament to our growing fascination with photo collages. Collages are always considered vibrant, attractive and refreshing in equal measure. There are tons of fun collage ideas available that you can always tap in order to lend a special touch to your home/workplace or even make someone’s day with it as a special gift! You will have tons of inspirational ideas and tips to go through when it comes to collages.

Photographic packaging as a sector, has greatly evolved in today’s digital age and collages have not been immune to these changes. They have become trendier and more thoughtful and personalized in turn. When it comes to picture collage ideas, you can definitely try the following:

1. The Rubik’s Cube - This is one style for photo collages that everyone loves! This means that you take some of your most cherished photographs and blow them up before putting them onto a canvas. However, display the collage in a manner, which is like the right side of the Rubik’s cube. This is so artistic and yet carries a whole new architectural dimension that is hard to miss!

2. Classic DIY- You can easily get some chicken wire from your local hardware store along with a basic frame and start working. Pick all your photographs and create a fun collage. You can easily print online when it comes to your photographs. You can arrange them yourself in the funkiest or most eye catching pattern you want as part of the collage.

3. Hanging from the Sky - Photo Collages may also be conversation starters if they are romantically and yet funkily arranged. You can easily create a collage of your favorite photographs by hanging them using thread, ribbon or even chicken wire! You can always opt for a few attractive frames to complete the look.

4. Chaos - Chaos is hugely underrated as a concept when it comes to creating photo collages. This will lend a more eclectic yet magnetic appeal to any room of your house. You should start hanging up photographs as part of an unstructured collage without any reason or pattern in sight. This will certainly turn out to be one of your best picture frame collage ideas since the chaotic look feels more personalized, unique and creative.

5. Floating Cloud Style - You can also go for a photo collage style that creates the illusion of a compact cloud floating around your walls, which contains your photographs. The design is what counts in this case.

6. Heart Style - Probably one of the oldest styles, this is another good choice, particularly if you are passionate about going the whole hog to order photo prints online. Once you get your favorite photographs printed, you can display them neatly in heart shaped patterns and have a whole collage of not just photographs but also a heart. You can even have a collage of photographs inside a single big heart.

7. Clothesline Style -
You can always playfully display your photographs in the clothesline style. Create a collage of photographs by hanging them from clothespins in your own desired pattern and this will definitely look radical and innovative!

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