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Steps to take to ensure your vaping device is safe

While e-cigarette fires are rare, these simple steps are well worth taking to improve your safety as you vape:

We’ve all heard the stories of vaping pens catching fire, exploding while in a pocket, and even malfunctioning when they’re being used. But the number of news stories reporting safety issues with vaping devices is certainly on the rise both here in the US and further afield. Fortunately, they are rare occurrences and there are steps you can take to make sure that your device is as safe as possible.

From serious burns to damage to possessions, vape pens that aren’t safe can cause significant damage. There are many reasons why vape pens unexpectedly explode, even when they were seemingly in perfect working order just moments before, but it’s often the battery that causes the problem. Batteries are obviously an important part of any vaping device but when they become overheated, short circuit, or overcharged the results can be dangerous.

While e-cigarette fires are rare, these simple steps are well worth taking to improve your safety as you vape:

Buy regulated pieces – A significant number of vaping devices on the market currently come from China and other locations but these aren’t subject to the same stringent regulations. American made products must adhere to a set of standards so you’ll know that your e-cigarette is made from quality materials and meets a basic set of regulations. It doesn’t mean that accidents never occur with American manufactured devices but the possibility is reduced.

Choose a reputable brand – With so many different brands on the market, you might be tempted to try something different, new, or cheaper. But many knock-off brands can be sub-standard when it comes to manufacturing conditions and safety. It might mean forking out a bit extra to choose a trusted brand but it’s certainly worth it.

Read the instructions – We know that instruction booklets and manuals are rarely read for any electronic device but you could be missing out on some important information. Even if you’re an experience vaper, don’t just toss the instructions to the side in the excitement of trying out your latest bit of kit. Just a few minutes glancing over the content can provide you with some tips on maintenance and safety that could make all the difference.

Use the right charger – Just because your device has a USB charging point doesn’t mean it’s compatible with all USB cables. Some cables may provide a higher voltage than is deemed safe for your battery, potentially causing it to overheat or short circuit. When you purchase your device, it should come with a charging cable and where possible only use the one provided. Of course, it can be useful to have multiple charging options or you might need to replace yours, select a manufacturer approved one to be on the safe side.

Don’t hold down the button – Do you keep your finger on the power button for more than a few seconds? Well, it’s time to stop. You should only hold down the button for around 5 seconds at the most as you inhale. Keeping your finger held down can cause your device to overheat, damaging both your battery and the atomizer. It’s unlikely that holding down the power button for too long will cause a fire but it’ll mean you have to start replacing parts sooner.

Keep it clean – Cleaning your e-cigarette regularly not only means a better vape but it’ll boost the safety too. For the battery, you can simply use a tissue or alcohol wipes to remove any accumulated dirt and grime. It’s simple to strip down and give the rest of the components a clean too, ensuring you get a great flavour.

Watch how long you charge it for – This is a common issue across all electronic devices, people plug them in charge overnight or throughout the day. Charging your e-cigarette for longer than necessary can mean that the risk of explosion increases thanks to overheating. Not sure how long your device should take to be fully charged? It’s another good reason to not just toss the instructions that came with it straight in the trash.

Store your e-cig properly – When you’re not using your e-cigarette, how do you store it? Keeping it out of direct sunlight is essential as this can cause it to overheat and where possible using a case is a positive too, limiting the amount of dirt that can get into your device while keeping it secure.

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