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How to Bet on Hearthstone

by Editor (editor), , June 05, 2017

Question is how do you bet like a pro on a Hearthstone match? Let’s find out:

From the moment Blizzard’s Hearthstone launched, everybody knew that this game would be the first eSports card game. It was fun, easy to learn, hard to master and the amount of RNG was to everyone’s liking, most of the times. Of course, the Hearthstone tournaments aren’t as big as the ones made for Dota 2, League of Legend or CS: GO.

But they still attract a lot of viewers even for these types of tournaments that are held in a one versus one fashion. But the question is how do you bet like a pro on a Hearthstone match? Let’s find out:

What to Look For?

Ok, Hearthstone looks simple enough, and it is to some degree, but RNG, the meta, and decks play a huge role in the outcome of the game. Also, you should analyze how a professional player reacts in a situation where he is at a disadvantage. If he tilts most of the time, you don’t want to bet on him because there will be no comeback game from him.

What is RNG?

RNG is random number generator thatshows the probability of a certain thing. For example, let’s say you and your opponent have ten cards left, you are at the late game, and the board is almost full. Every action counts and one wrong move can end the game. But your opponent puts on his board Yogg Saron, a card that casts random spells.

These random spells can benefit him or you, it can destroy a player’s board or even kill him. If he gets a positive outcome out of that card in the next matches, it’s a good RNG for him and a bad one for you. There is no skill involved here, only luck or random effects.


Meta dictates the style of playing. Depending on what deck is popular after an expansion, it could change the game for the better or the worse, based on your perspective or deck.

Meta can mean that most players rely on fast games, with little minions all attacking fast with different winning conditions or slow with one or two winning conditions.


Tilting means that the player is frustrated and desperate when he gets negative results from not achieving the desired results. It happens after you lose a couple of games and still decide to play more in hopes that your situation will get better, but it doesn’t. And because you are frustrated, you will make poor decisions and mistakes instead of taking a break to clear your mind.

Research and Decks

You need to understand what decks these players have. Without this information, you will be betting blindly and have little to no earnings. Watch how an eSports player creates a deck, plays with it and how he makes those in-game decisions. It’s all about maximizing the probabilities in his favor, so logical thinking is a must.

If you like Hearthstone and want to bet, you can easily do it by searching for e-sports betting at, where you can bet using bitcoins. May Yogg Saron watch over your bets.

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