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Understanding a few fast facts about humidifiers

by Caroline Murphy (writer), Mumbai, India, June 09, 2017

Every house should measure the temperature of their home and maintain the relative humidity of their home.

We spent our maximum time at home, so the temperature, humidity, and quality of air at home should be maintained.

How to measure humidity at home:

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The temperature of your house can be measured with the help of hygrometer. It helps to find out the relative humidity at home. However a hygrometer does not reach to the corners of the homes where there could be humidity, so for these, the signs of humidity should be checked. If there is too little humidity, it could lead to cracks in wooden furniture and flooring, if the level of humidity is too high it could lead to breathing problems, rashes, heart diseases or even depression. It could also lead to negative effects on wooden furniture and also your home becomes a breeding ground for many viruses and mouth, which could lead to ill effects on your health and your furniture and walls.

Causes of humidity at home:

There could be various factors leading to humidity at your home and also the season of your place could affect it. Leaking taps or roofs,

Leaking pipelines, the even cooling system also emit moisture; carpets also retain moisture and add humidity to the air of your home. If you stay near a sea your home could be humid, spring and rainy season also increase the humidity of a place.

How do dehumidifiers work?

Dehumidifiers work by creating condensation. They pull warm moist air and cool it against a liquid coolant. The moisture trapped is drained out and the dry air is then emitted out. Thus the humidity is controlled.

Benefits of dehumidifier:

Using a humidifier at home will hot only decrease your heating bills but also prove beneficial for your health. Controlled humidity can help to ease your breathing and respiratory issues. It could help you to protect yourselves from cold and cough.

Things to be kept in mind while buying a dehumidifier Gujarat:

Depending on the size of the area where it will be installed, nature of consumer that is domestic or commercial dehumidifier etc. should be considered before installing a dehumidifier.

The size of the room and pints of water that has to be removed every day is an indication of the performance of the dehumidifier. The square feet area of the room provides a near estimate of the capacity of dehumidifier required.

The level of humidity- If the location is in high humid place then the capacity of the dehumidifier should also be high. It should be built in to perform more than normal capacity.

Room temperature- Some dehumidifiers can work only in normal temperature so if your room is cold then selection of humidifier should be made accordingly, or else it could result in damaging the dehumidifier.

Certain Dehumidifiers are noisier than others so a test operational run should be conducted before opting for the machine.

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