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How to Get Started with Online Rummy Game?

by Justin Carlos (writer), Kolkata, June 05, 2017

With these basics about the game, you are all set to play your first hand. So, sign up and start today. You never know when you would be the next lucky winner.

13 Card Points Rummy is one of the most commonly played card game in India. This is because most individuals understand how to play rummy, and all you need is a standard deck of playing cards with jokers and 2 players. The game is also referred to as a pick and discards game wherein players arrange dealt cards in their hand to form valid sequences and sets. Online rummy games can be played for free or with real cash depending on the players’ choice.

13 Card Game Basics

  • Players: In a 13 Card Game, the number of players can be between 2 to 6. Tables on online rummy websites are generally designed in a manner that 2/4/6 players can play together at one time.
  • Card Deck(s): A standard deck of playing cards comprises 52 cards with 2 printed jokers. A single deck would suffice for 2 players, however, if 4 or more players are playing, the number of decks has to be increased.
  • Deal: The dealer distributes 13 face-down cards to each player. The remaining cards are then placed on the side, and referred to as the Closed Deck. One card is placed face-up in the center of the table. This is referred to as the Open Deck where players discard cards they do not require. At every turn, a player picks a card from the Open Deck or Closed Deck and discards an irrelevant card in the Open Deck. The number of cards in one’s hand is always 13.
  • Joker: Once 13 cards have been dealt to each player, a card is randomly drawn from the remaining cards. This card is the joker for that particular game and is known as the Wild Joker or Cut Joker. All cards of that same value, irrespective of the suit, are jokers. Additionally, there are also two Printed Jokers in every pack of cards. The purpose of these joker cards is to act as a substitute for any other card. They do not have any face value of their own.
  • Drop: If a player feels that his/her cards are not winning cards, he/she can opt to drop out of the game. A drop right in the beginning of the game without picking any card costs a penalty of lesser points (20 points). However, in case the decision to drop has been taken in the middle of the game, points for the full game (40 points) will have to be given.

Game Objective

The objective of a 13 card game is to group the cards in a manner that there are at least two sequences, one of which MUST be pure. A pure sequence is a group of three or more cards that are consecutive and of the same suit. The remaining cards may be grouped to form impure sequences or sets. Any player who has arranged all their cards in order with one irrelevant card can declare.

How to start?

Playing rummy online is easier than you would think. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and you are all set to win some real cash:

Step 1: Create an account

Visit any online rummy website and sign up by filling the required fields such as username, password and email id. If verification is required, complete the process to activate your account.

Step 2: Log In

After your registration is complete, use the Username and Password to sign in.

Step 3: Play

Choose from a free game or cash game, select the right table and start playing.

How to play?

  • The game begins with the dealer distributing 13 face-down cards to each player sitting on the table.
  • A joker is randomly selected and placed face up on the table for all players to view the same.
  • Each player must sort their cards and arrange them in a manner suitable to form sequences and sets.
  • The game is then started with a player drawing a card. The card may be picked from the Open Deck or Closed Deck.
  • The player then needs to discard one card. Select the card that is a misfit in your cards and click on the Discard button. The pile of discarded cards is placed face up for all players to see. The discarded card is available to the next player for use, if it is relevant to his/her cards.
  • The game continues in this pick and discard fashion until one of the players has all cards well arranged. The player ready to declare presses the Declare button.
  • Cards of the player who declares are checked to ensure that they have been arranged properly in sequences and sets. Cards of the other players are also checked to calculate points on the basis of cards that have not been used. These points are rewarded to the winning player.


Any player who has been able to fulfill the objective of the game and declare correctly wins.


When a player has all cards arranged in valid sets or sequences, he/she can press the Declare button. The website then allows the player to ensure that the sets and sequences are logical and then request for validation.

If the declaration is correct, the player wins the game and earns penalty points of the other players. Penalty points for other players are calculated on the basis of values of cards that have not been arranged in any complete sequences or sets. Please note that sets or impure sequences will also be penalized in the absence of a pure sequence. However, if the declaration is incorrect, the player pays a penalty of 80 points for invalid declaration. In cash games, points are converted to cash and credited to the bankroll of the winner.

Note: In case you have not played your first turn yet and the player prior to you declares, your penalty will be that of a drop in the middle of the game. You will not be penalized for all the cards you hold.

With these basics about the game, you are all set to play your first hand. So, sign up and start today. You never know when you would be the next lucky winner.

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