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Fun ‘Must-Have’ Items For Your Out Of Ground Pool

by Lukebadenhop (writer), , June 05, 2017

What do you think of when you think about summer?

What do you think of when you think about summer? If you’re anything like us, it’ll be holidays (road trips or a plane ride if you’re lucky), time off school or work, and laying by the pool working on your tan. These days, there are so many awesome accessories out there to help you get even more enjoyment out of your out of ground pool. We’ve outlined some of our favourites below:

  • loating Wireless Speakers
  • Now you can enjoy your favourite music streamed wirelessly to a speaker floating in the middle of your pool! They are completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about splashing and accidentally short-circuiting a CD player or radio. Some speakers also come with lights, which will illuminate the water at night.
  • Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
  • If you’d prefer to reserve the pool for swimming, Bluetooth speakers are also an option. There is a range that have been designed with outdoor use in mind, so you can rest assured that they’re tough and water-resistant – they’ll be able to withstand the conditions. Always check out the battery life – the longer lasting it is, the more music you’ll have.
  • Floating Solar Powered Lights
  • These are available in a variety of styles and colours. If you do a lot of afternoon and evening swimming or entertaining, they will provide ample light whilst making your pool look pretty cool. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, having the lights float around on the water can turn the area into an aesthetically pleasing feature.
  • Inflatables
  • You’re wrong if you think that these are only for kids. There is a range of inflatables available for the pool, from innertubes to thongs. They’re great for lounging around outside of the water as well as in – catch some sun, read a book or just relax to music. When buying inflatables, don’t forget to consider the size of the shell or they’ll take up the whole thing.
  • Games
  • If you have kids, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of games available for use in the pool – rest assured that they’ll be entertained for hours. From underwater toys (that they have to dive down to retrieve) to inflatable games (such as naughts and crosses), there are plenty of options to suit kids of all ages.
  • Noodles
  • A must-have for every single backyard pool, noodles are used for a variety of applications, from swords for play fighting to a handy flotation device. Even if you don’t have kids, keeping a few of these around is handy. As they’re quite affordable, many people also use them for making other objects float (such as eskies).
  • Basketball Rings
  • This is the sort of accessory that promises hours of enjoyment for kids and adults of all ages. The rings can be mounted over one end of the pool or they can be inflatable, which means that they’ll float around the water willy-nilly. Everyone will be trying to score as many goals as possible, jumping in and out of the water to grab the ball.

    With so many accessories as well as pool water features , you are sure to enjoy spending time in and around your out of ground pool this coming summer. Whether you’re lazing around by yourself, swimming with the family or hosting a party, these must-have items are sure to make the experience an enjoyable one. What are some of your favourites and which do you intend to invest in?

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