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10 Things for a fun Bottomless Brunch in the District

by Leslie White (writer), , May 23, 2017

Brunch has always been important to DC culture, and many people visit the district to enjoy classic weekend brunch.

Brunch has always been important to DC culture, and many people visit the district to enjoy classic weekend brunch. However, today we will talk about bottomless brunch, an exciting and interesting option for adults.

Bottomless brunch is combining your meal with unlimited alcohol. So, your weekend plans can be amazing if you select the right place to enjoy Bottomless brunch in DC. This is because not everyone serves top-notch American food in this combination.

If you are seeking bottomless brunch in the district, keep the following things in mind.

1. Have a look at the brunch menu

Alcohol is important, but if you are served the worst meal possible, your entire transaction will be a total waste. So, look at the brunch menu and carefully scrutinize the same to be sure you will enjoy a classic weekend in DC.

2. Prices

It doesn't matter whether it is too cheap, too expensive or just right for your budget, what matters is whether the food and alcohol served to you are of good quality or not. Remember that you do not get an opportunity to enjoy a weekend bottomless brunch every day. So, paying a little more to get good quality food should not be an issue for you.

3. Bottomless mimosas

If you are willing to make the most of the weekend, you can consider a bottomless mimosa. So, you’ll get a refill until either the brunch hours end, or you call it quits. Bottomless mimosa is typically made of equal parts of Sparkling wine, chilled orange juice and, in some cases, pomegranate, strawberry and grapefruit are even added.

4. It is an experience

Brunch is nice, but when you talk about bottomless brunch, you’ll notice it is unlimited fun and if you are opting for a group event, you will only make the day memorable. So, look for your plans and get in touch with the respective restaurant management to help you get a deal that will be irresistible.

5. An opportunity to socialize

Bottomless brunch is an opportunity for everyone to socialize because each and every person has the same intention in mind for the weekend and connecting with like-minded people is easy and fun. So, if you want to make the most of this opportunity, get in touch with people around and start socializing.

6. Enjoy the food

With bottomless brunch in mind, we usually focus on the quality of alcohol we will be served. However, we do not realize that many restaurants try to trick customers by serving quality wine and combining it with terrible food. Make this mistake, and you will never consider bottomless brunch again. So, look for a place where you can enjoy the food.

7. It is not illegal

Many people avoid bottomless brunch because they think that the activity is illegal. Yes, there were some contentions against it, but the fact is that it is not illegal and so you can go ahead with your plans to enjoy a bottomless brunch with your friends or even alone.

You can read opinions posted by other people and go ahead with your plans accordingly.

8. Plan it at least two days in advance

If you need a space of your own, climbing the same at least a week in advance is advised. However, if you have plans to enjoy quality time for a weekend bottomless brunch all by yourself, plan it at least two days in advance.

The most important point, in this case, is to know where you will enjoy your bottomless brunch. The location is important because you will need enough time to reach there and enjoy your time. With proper planning, everything can be sorted, and you will be at ease while enjoying your time over the weekend.

9. It is for the socialite

Consider the bottomless brunch cocktail deal, and you can invite all your socialite friends and relatives to a restaurant over the weekend. Advance booking will help you get a great place at a good price for the event.

10. Managing consumption

Well, if you get unlimited booze, don’t think you have to drink till you are alive or even till you vomit it out. Manage your consumption and drink enough to enjoy without getting out of control. If you drink too much and you are alone, you are risking it. So, be careful. Remember that everything that is free is not to be consumed every time.

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