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Top Courses to Study in Dubai

by kcmanjiri (writer), , May 05, 2017

Dubai is an emerging destination for the students who want to study abroad. Let us have a look at the top courses in Dubai to which the students are applying of late.

Dubai is an emerging destination for the students who want to study abroad. There are many reasons for this. It is one of the fastest growing economies and offers a plethora of options for career growth. Since Dubai is a very famous shopping destination it is also ideal for subjects related to management, tourism, and business. It has endless possibilities of finding the training as well as jobs. The strong services driven economy of Dubai offers amenities from telecommunications to banking. Let us have a look at the top courses in Dubai to which the students are applying of late.


MBA is one of the most popular and top most courses in Dubai like that in any other country. Dubai is anyways known as a land of business opportunities and not only is it good for business but also offers good job opportunities. The business schools in Dubai offer many specializations like hospitality, international banking, and information technology. Some of the famous business schools in Dubai are Manchester Business School, London Business School, University of Wollongong, and HULT International Business School and so on.


Dubai depends too much on every new technology launched in the world. The mega building in the city is a proof of the engineering technology. Some of the finest universities in the world are in Dubai like American University in Dubai and the University of Dubai. The country also offers a wide range of job for graduate engineers in the city. When it comes to specialization, Mechanical engineering attracts the highest international students as the branch promises a lot of opportunities not only in Dubai but also UAE post graduate.


Many people migrate to the UAE to work in the medicine sector. Dubai has become one of the emerging destinations for the medical studies for international students. Students are flocking to study in Dubai because of the quality education and work opportunities that are offered. Apart from this, Dubai does not require the students to go through any major test like MCAT which is necessary for the medical colleges in the USA. This gives the student an added advantage since applying to the universities offering quality education becomes easier.

Accounts and Finance

Dubai is the financial hub of the United Arab Emirates and West Asia. It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. There is a lot of work that goes beyond the exchange and retailing of Dirhams. Accounts and finance are the courses that are the most sought after in Dubai. The finance students are very popular in the country. It is a very good place for the international students who are inclined towards finance or accounts.


Dubai has been witnessing inundation of foreigners, particularly from India who migrate to the UAE. Off lately, the city has seen an astounding increment in the number of undergraduate selecting medicinal schools. Dubai is one of the rising destinations for the therapeutic studies for undergraduate studies from international countries. Students come to study in Dubai for pharmaceutical studies because of the work opportunities that it offers and do not want you to appear for any test like AIPMT or MCAT which are required in countries like USA and India. This benefits the students who do not want to appear for the standardized entrance exams but still want to avail quality education.

Art and Culture

The art and culture studies present well-established courses like Environmental Science, Heritage Management that provides job opportunities in media, education, tourism or sociological disciplines with an Arab focus.

Computing and Technology

Computing and Information Systems Technology attracts many applicants with specializations in Network Engineering, Education, Media, Health Information Management or Business Science Application.

Bottom Line

Apart from the academic reasons for studying in Dubai, it also has other advantages. Dubai is strategically located within a four to five-hour distance from half of the world’s population and bridges half of the Asia to the rest of the world. It is one of the best places to live in the Middle East. Dubai is a true melting pot since there is a lot of cultural diversity in the country. It is also recognized as a politically stable, secure and safe country. So what is the wait all about? Dive in the endless possibilities that Dubai has to offer as a study destination!

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