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Basic Bikini Trimmer Guide for Starters

by Jerry Shaw (writer), , May 04, 2017

This article will guide you through the process of choosing the best bikini trimmer for you.

Though it wasn’t anything like this at all before, women today are pressured to remove hair on the bikini line. Almost everybody else is doing it, including men. However, there are still some who prefer to have a little bit of hair here and there. There are many solutions available for removing hair including hair removal creams, laser treatment, waxing, and shaving. Well, whatever their preferences are, a bikini trimmer is the best tool to do the job. It is one of the most effective methods of hair removal. It is safe and painless. To know more about this trusted beauty tool here is a basic bikini trimmer guide.

What is a bikini trimmer?

A bikini trimmer can be found in almost every woman’s beauty and a personal hygiene kit. It is a tool used to trim hair found on women’s bikini area.Scissors also do the trick, but a bikini trimmer is safer to use. It looks like a shaver, that’s why trimming is, most of the time, mistaken for shaving. With shaving, hair on the skin’s surface is removed, though temporarily. With trimming, hair is only cut short. Despite the difference, trimming is typically used together with shaving. Women trim hair first and then move on to shaving for a smoother look.

Bikini trimmers are designed differently from electric shavers used by men. Men’s hairs are rough and usually found in smaller areas, while women’s are soft-textured and found in wide areas. Bikini trimmers are designed to cut soft-textured hair on a sensitive area of the body. They are also smaller and easier to handle in order to follow the soft contours of a woman’s body. Women can still use men’s shavers, but bikini trimmers are more convenient and they work more accurately.To know how a bikini trimmer works, here are its different types and their mechanism.

Types of Bikini Trimmers

There are only two types of bikini trimmers: electric and manual. Both are lightweight and small. Both are also used the same way, and when in doubt, a bikini trimmer guide is usually provided along with the packaging when buying one.

On the other hand, both types of bikini trimmers work differently. Here’s a detailed look:

  • Manual bikini trimmer

A manual bikini trimmer is used like a manual shaver or razor. Shaving cream or gel is applied on the area to be trimmed, and then a manual bikini trimmer is glided on the skin gently to trim hair.

Manual bikini trimmers are simple enough – with a head and handle only. It is made of disposable materials, making it a cheap alternative to electric bikini trimmers. Women can throw them away after a couple of use.

  • Electric bikini trimmer

Electric bikini trimmers run on electricity and there are two types: cordless and corded. A cordless bikini trimmer is rechargeable or runs on batteries, which can be alkaline-based or rechargeable. Corded bikini trimmers, meanwhile, are plugged into electrical sockets. Both types work when their power switch is turned on. However, corded trimmers can be used longer compared to cordless ones, which can run out of batteries after long use.

An electric bikini trimmer is also used the same way like a manual bikini trimmer. Once it touches the skin, it’ll work its magic. They can also be used for wet or dry trimming.

Parts of a Bikini Trimmer

To better understand how bikini trimmer works, here are it's basic parts.

  • Comb structure – for electric bikini trimmers, the comb structure is a removable part attached to the trimmer head. It is used to (1) untangle hair, (2) prevent hair from getting pulled, and (3) keep trimmer blades from attaching onto the skin, which can result in cuts. For manual bikini trimmers, the comb structure is permanently attached.
  • Trimmer or shave head – for electric bikini trimmers, the trimmer head is also a removable part where trimmer blades are inserted or found. Some bikini trimmer brands offer multiple removable heads, often having one for shaving and one for trimming. For manual bikini trimmers, the trimmer head and blades are attached together permanently and are replaceable.
  • Trimmer blades or shaver – manual bikini trimmers only have one trimmer blade, while electric ones have two (some brands have more than two). When a bikini trimmer is used, these blades catch hair by sliding across each other. Caught hair is simultaneously cut as this happens.
  • Handle – for electric bikini trimmers, the handle holds the power switch, and battery or power supply compartment. It is ergonomically designed for easy grip.
  • Power switch – for turning electric bikini trimmers on or off
  • Power supply compartment and electric cord – for corded electric bikini trimmers
  • Battery compartment (for cordless electric bikini trimmers)

What to look for in a good bikini trimmer?

  • The right bikini trimmer should have a comb structure. As mentioned earlier, the comb structure plays an important part in helping women prevent any injury while trimming. Without a comb structure, hairs can become tangled and pulled out, or skin is at higher risk of getting cuts.
  • The right bikini trimmer should have a small head that can reach tight areas. Such areas, if not properly trimmed, can end up with an uneven cut.
  • The right bikini trimmer should be easy to handle, use, and carry. These are especially important for women who are frequent travelers and need to bring their bikini trimmers.
  • The right bikini trimmer, particularly the electric type, should have accessories that can help women maximize its use. A cleaning brush, holder, or extra heads and blades, are some of the extra accessories that women can definitely use.
  • Most importantly, women should consider affordability. Choose one that suits needs, but doesn’t hurt wallets.

On the last note, many women today are opting for high-tech bikini trimmers. New technologies that can be seen in trimmers today include pulsating and pivoting trimmer heads, moisturizing strips, and rotating blades.

Think Before Buying

The basics about trimmers in this bikini trimmer guide have been covered here, hoping to help women understand more about bikini trimmer before purchasing one.

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