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Paridise Lost And Found


Why should the world care about the environment in places like Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Rwanda?

During the war, soldiers and other poachers killed vast amounts of herds, planted landmines and destroyed the park's infrastructure. By the 1990s, the park that was once hailed as paradise was all but abandoned and the area was not unlike many other communities of waste and ruin that we are told about by our parents when they generally want children to eat up and not waste any food. There are so many people in the world who are not as lucky as you, so thank the lord and eat hardy. I know all of us can remember that episode as a child, I certainly can relate to that myself. The question of whether we should be concerned about the environment in places like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda is not a new or an unusual reflection of contemporary thought. The mere suggestion of indecisive and questioning concerns for the ecosystems within any region of the world somehow flexes ones intelligence and common sense. The question that we should be asking ourselves is why should we not be concerned for any environmental system on the planet especially if the deterioration of those areas involves the lost of life or the gradual destruction of the ecosystems that maintain life on this planet.

Nature is a strange mother who won’t tolerate abuse too long, she will not continue to subvert and waste her milk on the ground without feeding the baby that is within her. If we continue to remove the oil that took millions of years to produce itself deep in the core of the earth it could well mean that we are at fault for earth quakes or volcanic activities which are seen throughout the world. The very fact that we have ignored our ill use of technology without circumspect to the effects that they may have had on nature is just another reason that we must pay homage to the ill conditions seen in other places around the world. Scientifically it is circumstantial evidence which states that if there is a reaction then there is an absolute cause for that effect. We can not relegate our common intellect by neglecting the environment around the world that is collapsing even if we assume that these conditions will never affect us here in this country. There are many reasons that the world community and its global citizens should be concerned about these country’s eco-conditions no matter how insignificant we think their environmental problems are, and that being based primarily on humanitarian reasons if nothing else. Although most of the desolation and destruction that lay before us in the wilderness of most of these places is principally due to wars and famine, ( which cede governments, nature and people responsible to some degree for this condition) recognition of these responsibilities are indispensable if we are to respond favorably toward any solution.

If however we should not be concerned it is highly possible that in years to come we may find those conditions spreading abroad as millions of immigrants migrate to other countries including America in hopes of escaping the tragedy that is taking place in their own homeland, as the food shortage that is also experienced in the land begins to filter into other parts of the world because of a spreading drought or a lingering war that seems to cast away federal and state funds like a man with a large whole in his pocket.

Strangely enough wealthy people and complacent people seem to forget that they are neither safe nor secure if the environment is endanger, the connected ecology if adversely affected in one place on earth can cause an equally adverse affect on other parts of the earth. Therefore our vigil as citizens of the world is one that requires absolute respect for the environment for the ecosystems that are prevalent around the world and to adequately assist others who may be endanger of environmental chaos.

Can we really afford not to assist our international neighbors if they are in trouble?

Put it this way, because we have only one earth with oxygen available and all the elements that sustain human life this subject is really a no brainier.

Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda are just a few of the countries in Africa which have undergone extreme environmental stress , and we can see the gradual side effects that have already taken place as many of their national resources that was once shipped out to other countries are now receding. The monetary implications of these circumstances thrive, proving how occupations in other countries are now being lost because of those lost imports that are slowly diminishing from these locations in Africa, and it is possible that even crime may go up as a result of lost jobs. Studies have shown that regardless of the conditions abroad if it is harmful to the people in that particular country, eventually it will get around to affecting people abroad, effecting jobs, crime, the stock market and so on. Really it isn’t a choice whether or not to help them, we have a duty to ourselves and a responsibility to humanity, it is the only way that we will be assured of a restful night and a functional international diplomatic policy. By waging war on poverty, by effectually helping others around the world we will ascertain reliable allies and international friends, recovering Eden and paradise where it was once lost.

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By Credo on January 15, 2008 at 07:32 pm

I appreciate your comment, thank you.


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By Credo on January 15, 2008 at 07:36 pm

This article was ok but I needed to polish the grammar some more.

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By Adelina88 on June 02, 2014 at 06:06 am

It is so special and pozycjonowanie

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