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How to Write Finance Papers the Right Way?

by njysandy (writer), , April 20, 2017

There's a simpler method to write a finance paper, follow these guidelines and become an expert in writing finance paper.

Writing a financial paper requires an extensive knowledge of finance and working with numbers. While there a not a lot of topic to write about, the research that every finance needs are tremendous.

So, without further ado, here is a short guide to writing a finance paper:

1. Choosing a topic

There are a couple of topics you can choose from. It’s best to pick something you know about or at least curious and want to find out by writing this paper. Picking something you don’t like or have no idea about it can make the writing process a burden and can result in a bad quality paper.

Also, try to pick a topic that isn’t either too short or too long. Financial topics can be misleading, and you will find yourself in a sea of research data, struggling to find an end. Here is a list of topics you can choose from:

  • Short money supplies
  • Tax reform
  • Bitcoin
  • Transferring electronic funds
  • Debt maturity structure

2. Introducing the reader to your essay

Every paper, the essay needs an introduction, even a financial one. With an introduction, the reader will know what you’re going to discuss about and how you will bring forth your argument. Keep it short and precise.

The real deal:

In the body of the text, you will need to present your argument and financial research. You can discuss and present financial reports about income status, present a balance sheet, cash flow statement and equity statement.

Every statement needs to be backed-up by the financial research meaning financial papers and documents that reflect the financial status of the topic you are addressing.

3. Ending with a conclusion

Every essay or research paper must end with a form of conclusion. There you will present a summary of the body, tying it up with the introduction and presenting that your research validates your argument.

Again, like with the introductory part, keep it short and precise.

4. Bibliography and table of contents

They are a must to present how you structured your essay and what research data you used. Some topics will require more than just some financial documents; some will require economic literature that you can quote or use citations from.

5. Some details to keep in mind

A financial paper needs to present the data precisely, so a clear and a non-confusing language is necessary. Depending on the selected topic, you can introduce a funny quote or something of a sort in your introduction, to attract the viewer, but that should be discussed with your tutor.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always present proof for your arguments. Lack of evidence or research data will make the tutor or even colleagues dismiss your arguments without even needing a reason.


Writing a financial paper can be hard even with all the information you can get from the internet or library. It needs to present a precise flow of information and data.

If you are having troubles writing such a paper, search for finance homework help on the internet.

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