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7 Definite Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Considered Significant

by Albert Smith (writer), , April 14, 2017

Technology is the only medium that has brought large figments of our imagination closer to reality. There are plenty of good examples out there that prove this statement extensively.

One such example is the way through which 3D modeling has changed the world of construction presentations.

The idea is similar to pulling out a multidimensional image from your brain and represent it on a piece of paper in the same way you had imagined it at the start. All dimensions are left intact in the final representation even though the representation is done on a 2D surface.

Unbelievable; isn’t it? Not anymore! With technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, the above idea has already become a part of our reality.

The introduction of 3D modeling in architecture/construction projects come with a range of benefits that has made it a significant part of construction/architecture presentations. Let’s take a quick peek at them without further ado.

1. Quick, easy and realistic

3D modeling helps to make your architecture designs more vivid and portrays them as realistically as possible to your audience in your presentation. Compared to that of a 2-dimensional sketch, 3D models are easy and quick to comprehend. Even a non-technical person can understand it in a minute.

Your audience will be able to take virtual tours of your project and explore every nook and corner in vivid details. The entire experience is undoubtedly fascinating.

3D designs are also modifiable. This makes you open to new ideas. If you get one that looks viable enough to you, you can make the necessary changes in your design within a jiffy.

2. Miles better than 2D designs

This one’s a pretty no-brainer. You can judge for yourself though. Look at the two images below.

(i) 3D architectural drawing of a house [Source- Flickr]

(ii) 2D architectural drawing [Source- Wikimedia commons]

The 1st image is a 3D modeling representation of a house and the second is a two-dimensional representation of another. Which one is easy to comprehend and goes easy on the eye especially from the point of view of a non-technical person? The 1st one; isn’t it? Point proved!

3. 3D modeling is better for project approvals and marketing campaigns

Like I stated above, the experience of going through a 3D representation of a property or a house is more fascinating than anything. It’s compelling and gratifying at the same time.

Naturally, is has a positive impact on marketing campaigns. It also holds better chances of project approvals from prospective clients.

4. Easy corrections and improvisations

Made a mistake somewhere in your design? Or do you want to alter a thing here and there for the betterment of your design?

No problem! With 3D modeling, you can do it easily without the pains of starting from scratch for the umpteenth time yet again. Thus, you save a whole lot of money and precious time on your projects.

5. Positive impact on the execution of projects

With a clear and lucid design to begin with at the start, it becomes easy for real estate engineers and designers to keep the project well within budget without sacrificing elsewhere on materialistic costs.

Some of these positive impacts include things like:

    ·Eliminating field interferences.

    ·Less reworking.

    ·Increase in productivity.

    ·Less requests for information.

    ·Low change orders.

    ·Budget friendly.

    ·Faster when compared to the conventional methods of construction because of less distractions and low alterations.

6. Curbing all language barriers

This is one of the greatest benefits of 3D designs in comparison to that of the 2-dimensional designs done on a piece of paper.

2-dimensional designs needed a lot of explaining. And if a language barrier arises due to geographical locations or for any other reason whatsoever, the task of explanation becomes excessively difficult from the engineer’s point of view

3D modeling solves this problem to a great extent because they require little to no explanation for comprehension. Thus, the language barrier ceases to be a part of the problem anymore.

7. Realistic measurements

A 3d model can show the dimensions of objects and their distance in relation with other objects inside the layout in clear and lucid details to the audience. This makes it very convenient for customers to understand things like space and room sizes.

3-dimensional modeling has become the next best thing in real estate planning and designing services. Are you up for it? If the answer’s no, the advice will be to get into it ASAP. You will definitely be benefited in the long run.

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