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Know Basic Essentials to Find Advertisers for Your Website

Undoubtedly the success of a website depends on the traffic it can garner on its own terms.

Undoubtedly the success of a website depends on the traffic it can garner on its own terms but be creating and maintaining a website can be a costly affair if you also take into consideration the expenses on the web design services as well as the social media marketing services, although they are also quite essential for the optimization of your website. What helps to fund the maintenance of a website are the advertisers who advertise on your website for a particular amount and a particular amount of time.

But looking for advertisers and actually closing the deal with them is easier said than done. Here are a few basic things that you need to find the right advertisers and actually close a lucrative deal with them:

Find Advertisers for your website

  • A formal introduction stating the name of your company along with the website address.
  • The subject of the letter.
  • State the reason for contacting them and lay down the deal before them.
  • State the benefits of the deal to the advertisers by advertising on the website along with the cause of the benefit (topic of the website, traffic, types of visitors on your site etc.)
  • Clarify the options available for advertising.
  1. A website: Not just a website, but a much sought after and popular website is your first prerequisite. The measuring scale of popularity of a website is the amount traffic on the website. However, there is no fixed number on this scale but it could be safely said that at least a 1000 new visitors daily would be the right mark to know the popularity of your website and this number is what will induce the advertisers to invest in your website.
  2. The specific theme of the website: The second best thing that attracts the audience is the clear and concise theme of your website. A website talking about 10 topics at once conveys confusion and lack of focus and it immediately turns off your advertiser. Make it a point to have a clear focus which should be portrayed by the content of your website.
  3. Professionally designed website: it is needless to say that the design of your website speaks for your business. A professionally designed website conveys your attitude about your business which is very important as the advertisers would be collaborating their brand with your company, if only for advertisement sake, but they wouldn’t want to be working with novices.
  4. Visible ad space: when you approach an advertiser, he is bound to check the space you have kept aside for this purpose. Advertisers pay you for their product to be seen and not to be pushed into a remote corner. Hence if the visibility of the ad is low, be ready for the deal to be blown.
  5. Preparing a standard format: while there may be advertisers who approach you for a space on your website, some advertisers would need to be approached by you. When in such a situation, it is essential to keep a basic format for an approach letter ready. Following are a few things you should consider while formatting a letter to the advertisers:

The above requisites for looking for a good advertiser should combine forces with a good communicating and convincing skills to win over an advertiser and close off the deal.

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