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WWE 2K18 Charges Back this Year

by herbertp343 (writer), , March 16, 2017

The WWE 2K17 was released in October 2016. While the 2K17 sold like hot cakes, gaming gurus gave it mixed reviews owing to few glitches.

The WWE 2K series of video games have been treasured by wrestling enthusiasts who are in to gaming. Known for their immersive experience, the WWE 2K series game first emerged in the year 2000 then known as WWF SmackDown! It became an instant hit with the gamers. Over the years the series has spawned over 20 editions. The original game of the series was available only on the PlayStation platform, however with time the game is now available in almost all platforms including Sony’s PlayStation Series(latest being 3 and 4),Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows(PC), Android, Nintendo Wii. The latest iteration of the game, The WWE 2K17 was released in October 2016. While the 2K17 sold like hot cakes, gaming gurus gave it mixed reviews owing to few glitches. The WWE 2K18 is expected to be even better and evolutionary.

The WWE 2K18 is expected to be glitch free

Although WWE 2K17 had improved graphics and gameplay it garnered criticism from the gaming circle for several glitches that spoils the gaming experience. Wrestlers getting locked or frozen during fight, Teleporting wrestlers in the ring are some of the common glitches. Gamers have also reported missing hair or clothes during fight sequences or not being able to change attire of the players. Developers of the latest edition, Yuke’s and Visual concept have assured the fans that WWE 2K18 will be devoid of any such glitches and with further improved graphics and gameplay. Fan base over the internet have been also demanding the DLC to be fairly priced, the current prices of the Downloadable Content or DLC have been termed as “exploitation” by one gaming website.

The WWE 2K18 is coming soon with new features!

Online gaming forums predict the release to be slated in October 2017, however it might even release earlier. Initially the game will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. PC or Windows version will be released later like it had been in the previous versions. Producers have confirmed that the new game will feature more moves and actions with movements being more realistic. Personalized Commentary is another new and unique feature which enables the player to have customer commentary in desired language. Chances are the stars may speak again instead of subtitle system that is prevalent in the newer versions of the series. Crowd reaction is expected to be more realistic.

Bigger Star line up

WWE 2K18 will feature over 180 stars in its line-up. These include star from the Cruise Weight Classics first introduced in 2016, The Mexican star Andrade Almas, WWE NXT star Booby Roode, Roderick Strong who has been confirmed for the 2k18 Roster, Ember Moon who will come with the name Adrienne Reese. Celebrity Snoop Dogg will feature in the Hall of Fame in the new game. The new game will also introduce new online features previously not seen in the series such as the Night Mode, Custom Training. The game is expected to cost over USD 70 for standard version when it hits the shelves later this year.

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