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Create A Logo With The 6 Best Online Logo Makers

by herbertp343 (writer), , March 14, 2017

A great logo stands for identity and allows for greater brand recall. Read on to learn more about creating logos for your business.

A logo is a symbol of trust and genuinity - a symbol of recognition for your brand. This is why it is essential that you have a unique logo that can represent the face of your company. A great logo stands for identity and allows for greater brand recall. Read on to learn more about creating logos for your business.

A logo design maker is a service with which you can create a logo for your website. It has several designs to choose from and you can also integrate two or more designs to create a new unique design for your logo.

Several logo creators are available online, using which you can make a free logo for your business. We attempt to list some of the best online logo designers.

Some Of The Best Online Logo Makers


This is one of the biggest logo creators on the internet, allowing you to create a logo within minutes. You can browse through hundreds of logos which are highly customizable.

With Logaster, you have to enter the name and type of your business. After this it will suggest a collection of pre-designed logos from which you can choose the logo of your liking. Now you are allowed to customize your selected logo to suit your tastes and preferences further.

Logaster generates these logo images not only in raster (jpeg and png), but also in vector (pdf and svg) formats.

Free Logo Maker

This company logo creator has an extremely user-friendly interface, allowing even non-designers to create stylish professional logos. It has a large collection of pre-designed logos available for you to pick from. After this, you can enter the name of your company and change minute details.

While the raster formats are free, the vector formats for your logo are available for $ 10. If you are concerned about being unable to create an eye-catching logo, you can hire a designer for $ 99 to create one for you.

Online Logo Maker

This logo design maker is a completely free service, unlike other services that claim to be free but later try to charge you before downloading your logo.

It has a simple and easy to use design and a vast resource of designs to pick from. You can also upload images of your choice onto the logo maker. For those new to Online Logo Maker, there is a detailed tutorial and also a customer support service available for help.

Logotype Maker

This is yet another free company logo creator which allows you to create a logo for your company in less than a minute. You just have to enter your company name and choose the category of design you need. The website will generate a long list of results for you to pick from. You can add some of the logos you like onto a wishlist and also edit the logo to change the design.

Free Logo Design

As the name suggests, this is another free logo designer. It allows you to create a custom logo without having to download anything. Enter the name and the category of design you want. From the results generated, you can pick the logo you want and customize it with three simple steps.

Logo Genie

This logo designer is extremely simple to use. Feed the name of the company, the slogan for your business, and the company domain and you will receive a list of logos to choose from.

Pick a logo and the website will take you to the editing page. Here you can easily change the size, font, image, and several aspects of your logo. You can also revert to previous states in case you need to make some changes in the design too.

These are some of the most popular logo design makers in the industry. If you’re in the initial stages of starting an online store, you might want to consider these to get a simple version of your logo out. This will let you get started with business. If you use a website builder like Shopify, they offer a great free logo maker as well. All the tools you need to brand your e-commerce store are available on their logo design interface. You can always create a premium logo later on by using a graphic designer or an agency specializing in brand identity. However, for businesses in their early stages, a free tool to create a logo online could be quite useful.

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