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The benefits of Arts Education

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, February 22, 2017

The benefits of arts education have often been neglected. It improves cognition and communication, appreciation for culture is enabled and helps overcome our insecurities.

Study of arts is not limited to only cultural, social and creative aspects. Its benefits in both education and academics sector are often undermined. In a recent study, it can be seen that most schools are either cutting back or completely eliminating the study of arts from their syllabus. They believe that it is an unimportant and unnecessary subject which only adds to the overall budget. Unfortunate as it may be schools and institutions do not realize the number of benefits of Arts Education.

Benefits of Arts Education

Improved Cognition

Immersing students into the field of arts, let's them gain knowledge in multiple disciplines like history, literature, science and math while remaining tied towards its unique culture. According to many research studies, music improves accuracy in the pronunciation of the languages other than the mother tongue; it enhances the ability to read and perform various functions.

An individual cannot perform a Shakespeare play, without having any prior understanding of the historical and cultural surroundings of that time. Arts acts as a link between all the subjects. It provides knowledge beyond what is taught.

Overcoming Insecurities

Art instills confidence in an individual with more practice. Students who remain subdued and silent in classes are insecure and introverted. Most of the times, they refuse to take part or engage in any activity. Education in Arts requires them to learn new activities and participate in tasks, which helps to overcome their insecurities. Students find a voice for themselves through this line of study. Art disciplines like dance and music encourage them into public performances, builds confidence about their talent and fight out insecurities.


Look around you, and you'll find that our world is built with communication. Without it, human existence will no longer matter. Students develop numerous layers of communication skills by studying arts. For example, studying music or participating in such classes makes them learn how to communicate thoughts verbally, physically and mentally with their peers, tutors, and audiences. In acting, an actor doesn't just say a line in front of the camera; he or she communicates the emotion of the scene through those lines. Arts teach us how to express our thoughts to one another.

Master the craft

Students learn skills like resilience and grit through education in arts. This helps them from being a novice to rising up and becoming an expert in their craft. A teacher can aid this shift from an amateur to an artist. Teachers set a bridge between expectations and targets. They provide insight on the work progress of the students. This kind of motivation pushes the kids towards a healthier environment where there is constant growth.

Intrinsic motivation can help student's progress at the start, but after a point of time, it will start to deteriorate. This is why teachers must look into extrinsic motivation for continued development. While both of them are productive, a combination of both can give increased results. Students will no longer study because their parents or teachers have said them so; they will now enjoy the learning materials because it will yield satisfaction for them.

Appreciation of Arts and Culture

The impact of arts education is not limited to learning; it is a worthwhile experience which deepens our appreciation for cultures and traditions. Humanity itself means learning the human culture. Study of arts can help students across the globe understand the creation of culture and appreciate it at the same time.


The importance of arts education is unknown to many. Music, painting, drawing, photography, media, literature, theater and sculpting, not only accelerates the grades of a student but also makes them better humans. It’s high time that schools place arts and academics in the same bracket in terms of importance.

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