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How To Boost Productivity By Improving Office Desks

by Acelin Fenton (writer), Melbourne, February 16, 2017

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Here are just some of the ways that you can improve your office desk and boost your productivity at work:

Have you ever considered that where you work has a big impact on how you work? This isn’t just about feng shui – it’s about producing results and getting things done. According to studies, the most significant factor in determining your ability to focus is your physical environment a well designed office desk can increase your productivity by about 20%.

Here are just some of the ways that you can improve your office desk and boost your productivity at work:


In today’s work environment, where many people are sitting for most of the day, it’s critical that the desk fits your body properly. The top of your monitor should be at or below eye level. Your eyes should be 24 to 36 inches from the monitor. And your feet should be resting flat on the floor (or on a foot rest if you’re too short). If your desk doesn't tick any of the boxes, you should look at getting yourself a height adjustable office desk so you can adjust it perfectly to your taste.


It might be true that clutter helps the creative mind create, but it isn’t really helpful for focus or productivity. Whilst you can’t control the cleanliness of the office at large, you can keep your own environment clean and tidy. Spend 10 minutes or so each morning or afternoon to ensure that everything is put away, filed and organised properly.

3.Different Spaces

If possible, having more than one space to work from can do wonders for productivity. Putting yourself in a new space with different qualities and things to look at shifts your brain and helps you to stay focused. What sorts of spaces does your office offer – a conference room, breakout room or a lounge? Get away from the desk regularly and use these spaces.


Unless you work in a digitally based industry, it’s likely that you have a number of items that you regularly need in the course of your daily work. Ensuring that these items are easily accessible when you need them is a must, so a desk with drawers or a hutch can be handy. You won’t have to stop midway through a project to retrieve an item you need.

5.Room Scents

Our sense of smell can affect our mood, mindset – and our productivity. Consider adding a scent to your workspace in the form of some candles on your desk or essential oils dabbed onto some cotton balls. Pine can increase your alertness, cinnamon can improve focus, peppermint lifts your mood and citrus can wake you up.

By employing some of the above tips in your workplace, you can drastically improve your office desk and see some real improvements in your productivity. The most important of these tips is ergonomics – ensuring that your desk suits your body will help to avoid fidgeting and constant adjustments, as well as fostering a healthier work environment with less sick days.

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