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Rising Interest in Detached and Semi Detached Dwellings

by Albert Smith (writer), , February 20, 2017

Everyone wants a home of their own. Once you have decided that you want to buy a home, the question then arises

Everyone wants a home of their own. Once you have decided that you want to buy a home, the question then arises – should you go for an apartment or an independent home? While arguments could be made for each type of dwelling, research has shown that more and more people are opting to look for detached and semi detached houses as opposed to condominiums or apartments.

While the difference between an apartment and an independent house may be quite clear, the difference between a detached and semi detached dwelling may not be quite so obvious. Therefore, the first thing to do here is to understand what a semi detached home is and what a detached home is. Architectural rendering is one way of understanding the difference but here is a more detailed look at what each type of house is.

Semi Detached Dwelling

Basically, a semi detached house is one that is attached to its neighbour through a common wall on one side. Such a house is usually a family dwelling. This should not be confused with a town house which is attached to other houses through multiple walls, generally in a row. Semi detached houses are usually built in pairs and connect to only one other house. Both houses are usually similar in design and size. Usually, you’ll find semi attached houses built side by side. However, there are times when semi detached houses are built facing opposite sides and sharing the back wall.

Although semi detached houses share a wall with their neighbour, the plot of land each semi detached house is built upon is separate. This means that you own both the structure and the land that the house sits upon.

Semi detached houses are generally family dwellings. One of the biggest advantages is that despite being a family dwelling, a semi detached home does not cost quite as much as an independent house does. Since you’re sharing a wall with another house, it also means that you won’t be paying quite as much when it comes to cooling and heating costs. You can also save money when it comes to maintenance by sharing the costs with your neighbour.

Detached Dwelling

A detached house typically sits in its own plot of land and does not share a wall with any other house. It is basically a standalone structure. It is often referred to as single detached dwelling or a separate house. This type of house is generally a family dwelling and is much in demand. The land that the house sits on is typically larger than the house so that there is an area for a garden or a yard. Such houses also come with a garage which may be attached to the house or detached. The house can be in any style or form. Whether it is a bungalow or a mansion, a Tudor or a Victorian, all that matters is that it doesn’t share a wall with any other house. That is enough to define it as a detached house.

One of the biggest advantages of a detached house is that you have your own land. This means that, depending upon the local regulations, you can do whatever you want with that land. You can use it as a garden or build additions to your house. You can build a shed or an additional garage if you have the space. You don’t have to get permission from a landlord or a building society to make whatever changes you want to the interior or the exterior of the house. The land extending around the house also guarantees another precious commodity in today’s overcrowded world – it affords you a measure of privacy you won’t get with an apartment. In addition, such a house is often an investment since detached houses are almost always in demand and their value increases over time. You get or can create additional storage space, something that is just not possible with an apartment.

Considering all these factors, it is little wonder that more and more people are opting to buy a detached or semi detached dwelling. The tremendous advantages in terms of space, ownership and privacy that such houses offer are enough to offset some of the higher costs that buyers may incur.

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