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Instant Gratification Nation


"Find your soul mate here"; "Take this for instant pleasure"; "Live hot action"

Claims like these should come with a disclaimer. As entertaining as it is sometimes to hear the long list of side effects associated with taking a prescription drug, it makes you realize there is a certain amount of risk involved in just about everything we do.

If risk is unavoidable, why are we in such a hurry to find someone, figure them out and then determine if they are "the one" or not? Love and relationships are not pre-packaged material items we can buy to serve our immediate needs and wants. Treating them as such is like only allowing yourself to see an unfinished painting or hearing the first note of your favorite song, to get the most out of them you have to be patient and see things through.

I know it is hard to find, much less connect with people but it is not always about the destination, sometimes the journey is far more important. Most of what needs to be done to grow love and prepare for a relationship is something we can only do by ourselves.

Forget the promises of online dating, you can't speed the process of finding someone if you are not ready inside. eHarmony promotes their "29 dimensions of compatibility profile" is the most accurate way to connect with a compatible match but what happens if you were not completely tuned into yourself when you filled out your profile?

Some people lie on their profiles, others may fill it out one day to look back and learn it doesn't reflect them anymore. One of my friends and I had a good laugh when we realized she filled out her profile while she was experiencing a higher than normal case of PMS, she could not understand why it seemed like every man that was reaching out to her seemed completely crazy!

I really don't believe you increase your chances of finding someone special by putting yourself out in the virtual world of online dating or on sites like myspace. Both can actually be rather harmful if you are not careful. Your self esteem may either take a beating if no one shows any positive interest in you or it may be build up so much that you prefer the "virtual" you rather than deal with the real you.

The newest rage for instant intimacy seekers is the Cuddle Party. The purpose of a Cuddle Party is for people to experience intimate touch with no strings attached. It seems alright in theory but isn't it a little sad that people are coming together expecting to get intimacy through instant gratification with a perfect stranger? What about relationships with friends and family? How did we get so disconnected in the first place?

When it comes to relationships, I think our expectations are a bit out of whack. How are we suppose to determine what is right for our nation or other countries when we don't even take the time to understand and care for each other?

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By Charles Harmison on October 30, 2006 at 04:13 am
Personally I'd rather be single than allow myself to enter a corporately sponsored relationship. I know that people have probably found happiness with all the online matchmakers but what mostly freaks me out is the business aspect of it all. Sounds like something out of a bad Heinlin novel. What ever happened to the value and respectability of staying single any way? Do we have to have another human to be happy? Single life has it's advantages. Connections come in many forms.
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