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Why Is It A Good Time To Invest In Costa Rica Real Estate?

by olivia (writer), Noida, India, February 06, 2017

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The Costa Rican real estate market is thriving. This blog will provide a list of reasons why investing in this sector is a good idea at the moment, and how you can reap rich dividends as a result.

Costa Rica is more than a country; it is an experience. There is a diverse and beautiful landscape awaiting visitors, consisting of everything from lush jungles to pristine rivers, majestic volcanoes to quiet beaches. The list of adventurous activities is endless, including zip line tours and nature trails, white-water rafting and kayaking. All this has contributed to Costa Rica’s image as a major vacation destination. However, the country has gained another reputation in recent times – that of a major real estate market, especially in the gated Arenal community. There are many alternatives to choose from when looking for vacation homes and villas. Being the leading holiday spot in Central America, Costa Rica offers various property options to investors, such as Lake Arenal real estate for sale. There’s no time like the present if you’re looking to buy a vacation property in the country. To know more, read on.

Diversity in The Real Estate Market

The booming real estate market in Costa Rica has paved the way for diverse properties. If you’re interested in large properties, the condominiums and gated communities are perfect for you. There’s also the option of buying your vacation home. High-quality hotels and restaurants in different locations have opened their doors to visitors. The steady influx of tourists and the growing number of expats in Costa Rica have contributed significantly to the development of the real estate sector. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to secure a good deal on new properties in Costa Rica.

Your Private Residence in The Tropics

One of the biggest perks that come from buying a home in Costa Rica is the ownership of a vacation or part-time home in the tropics. It is a great place to spend some quality moments with your family and friends, serving as your personal getaway. How about spending an extended vacation in the Costa Rican villa homes to escape from the cold winter? There are some breathtakingly beautiful properties available for sale with top-of-the-line amenities you could wish for. You might even consider this purchase a commercial investment as it will always provide you a convenient excuse for quick “business-related” trips to Costa Rica. Enjoy the pleasant tropical weather and indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Experience The Weather of Your Choice

Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a worthwhile investment if you’re trying to escape bad weather. The main tourist season in the country starts during the spring/winter break and continues throughout the summer vacations. But, to be honest, there’s never really a time when travelers stop coming to the country, meaning it won’t be hard to find good company. For example, some visitors plan their trip to coincide with the green season, when the natural beauty of Costa Rica is at its peak. This season, which lasts from April to December, brings with it a fair share of rainfall. The country has a warm, tropical climate with plentiful sunshine throughout the year. With an average temperature of 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit and its proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no real summer or winter. This means that there is no freezing winters, ice or snow nor hurricanes and tornadoes. The Costa Rican climate is ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, sports fishing, zip lining, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife watching. Besides, beach towns like Samara and Tamarindo enjoy a steady stream of tourists for almost ten months in a year.

Transform Your Investment Into a Passion Project

When you buy property in Costa Rica, you’re free to use it any way you choose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial decision. In fact, if you want, you can treat it as your passion project. It’s never wrong to mix a little work with pleasure, right? You might have someday dreamed of owning a gaming room, but never got the opportunity. Why not design one of the rooms as a new game room? That sounds like a great idea! And, best of all, the possibilities are endless. You can transform the property any way you want, creating it into your home away from home. Though vacation homes around the Arenal region are move-in ready and fully furnished, you can renovate your property with special décor.

No Need for Residency

In Costa Rica, you do not need a residency status to buy real estate. This is extremely convenient if you’re planning to purchase a vacation home in one of the popular areas, like Arenal Hills or Pachamama. You will easily be granted a 90-day visa without any hassle when you want to take a trip to the country. However, you will not be allowed to travel within Costa Rica once the three-month period comes to an end.

Benefits of Solid Infrastructure

Costa Rica is undergoing a lot of development at the moment. The country now boasts of three international airports and remains well-connected via flights to and from different cities in the US and other destinations abroad. While the Daniel Oduber International Airport is situated close to Liberia, the Juan Santamaria International Airport can be found right outside San Jose. The Limon International Airport reopened in 2006 to accommodate the growing tourist population, after remaining closed for two decades to domestic airlines. The setup is quite convenient as it puts favorite spots like Arenal Hills and Guanacaste within driving range of the airport. A highway connects the Pacific Coast to Central Valley and cuts down travel time by more than an hour. The Costa Rican government has pledged to give the tourism and commerce industries a boost through well-maintained modern airports and roadways.

Stay in Costa Rica, Stay Happy

Costa Rica is the Happiest Place on Earth. The long life expectancy of citizens, little environmental impact, life satisfaction, a healthy work-life balance, and a strong communal network have all contributed to this appellation. So, it’s no wonder Costa Rica enjoys a politically and economically stable environment. Without the risk of problems plaguing other Latin American locations, such as anti-government demonstrations, political disturbances, and riots, Costa Rica has proved itself to be one of the best places to invest in real estate.

You can’t go wrong if you choose to buy Lake Arenal real estate for sale or take up residence in another good community. Not only will Costa Rica welcome you with open arms, but it will show you a thrilling side to a life you never knew existed!

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