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Top Four Cities to Play Golf in Thailand

by Jerry Shaw (writer), , January 31, 2017

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Thailand is a country with a great golf history, nowadays attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the world.

Thailand is a country with a great golf history, nowadays attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the world. There is a particular charm in playing golf in a tropical environment, surrounded by the sea, palm trees and exotic culture, you just have to choose the city that would match your desires the most.

#1. Bangkok: Capital City Spirit

A busy capital became a hub for the international golfing community. Among 60 golf courses are situated within an hour distance from Bangkok center, and about 20 of them are well-suited for a visitor play, offering excellent club facilities and challenging landscapes.

Here, in one of the most populated cities of the world, the traveler can find 5-star hotels and best Thai restaurants with great money value. Bangkok has different cultural attractions, a big number of ancient temples, local street markets, huge shopping malls and vibrant nightlife. You can find a leisure activity to your taste and combine it with some golf, so a memorable holiday trip is guaranteed.

#2. Pattaya: The Golfer’s Paradise

If you are looking for energetic city life, but in more harmonious and beautiful destination, Pattaya resort shall be of your choice. The town that never sleeps is also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, multiple outdoor activities and, certainly, for the variety of golf course to any preference.

Over 30 golf courses are located in different spots of Pattaya. Most of them are world-class championship golf courses that have terrific panoramic views, great amenities, and outstanding service. No wonder that Pattaya is also known as a golfer’s paradise, thousands of golfers come here every year to have a luxurious and comfortable golf holidays.

A wide choice of accommodation facilities that ranges from lush hotel chains to simple beach huts at the seaside can be found in Pattaya. Multiple activities, such as horseback riding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, karting or shooting might be added to your golf schedule. And at night, you should definitely visit well-known Pattaya’s go-go and beer bars to bring some local Asian spirit to your vacation.

#3. Hua Hin: Family Friendly

Cozy, and laid-back Thai resort, full of vivid Asian colors, used to be a little fisherman village, and till today it keeps its calm and relaxed atmosphere. This town has a status of a royal resort since the king and his family often take a rest in their Hua Hin residential house.

Playing golf here, at one of the seven world-class golf courses, might be a pleasure for the ones, who look for a high-quality holiday in a more traditional local Thai surroundings. This place is also popular with local golfers, as it has its unique historical charm and stays aside of busy and touristy destinations. Even though beaches here are not as beautiful as in Pattaya, many families chose Hua Hin for its safety and high-class resort accommodations.

#4. Phuket: The Most Exotic Destination

Located on an idyllic tropical island, Phuket can be simply described as a little Garden of Eden. This place is widely known for the beauty of the natural environment. Here you can play golf on the sea coast or while enjoying a sunset on the mountainside.

The quality and variety of golf courses in Phuket are considered to be among the top in Thailand. Significant that Johnnie Walker Classic golf tournament took place at this resort a few years ago.

Phuket has a well-developed tourist infrastructure but surrounded by untouched nature. Here you can combine your golf holiday with a variety of water sports activities, sun tanning on the deserted beaches, shopping or enjoying the nightlife.

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