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Comparing the Popular Streaming Services in North America

by simonhopes (writer), , January 30, 2017

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Online Streaming Services

In the past, viewers used to receive most of their media buzz either from cable subscriptions, optical discs or internet downloads.

However, global telecom connectivity, resultant growth of online sites and easy access to broadband services have overtaken the market by degrees. Users now expect to stream the majority of these contents directly from the cloud to their devices. The online streaming services have acquired much recognition throughout the world but in the following discussion, we are going to explore and compare only those websites that have particularly gained wide acceptance in North America.

Comparison between the Online Streaming Services

As stated earlier, due to these online streaming sites, users could get high-quality commercial contents easily but choosing the best service could be a stressful endeavor. Let us now take a good look at the websites mentioned below. Although they offer contents all across the globe, the bulk of their consumer electronics is focused on the North American audience. These two sites are known for impacting the people’s lives in an effectual way.

NETFLIX and Sling TV

NETFLIX is a renowned multinational entertainment organization of America established in the year 1997. With high-end resources and extreme dedication, this company has managed to become the most successful streaming service. It is noted for having the largest content library and millions of subscribers. It allows the new users to stream without any charge for a month. After 30 days, the price depends on the program taken up by the user. There are a large number of movies and Tv shows available and NETFLIX could be browsed on multiple gadgets like tablets, cell phones, laptops or television.


  • Complete television series are available.
  • Has both old and recent movies.
  • Option of premium accounts that allows usage of four screens at a time.
  • Has immense foreign contents
  • No advertisements while watching movies or series.
  • There is a separate domain for kids, where only children’s movies are shown

The only disadvantage of streaming site is that it does not have Game of Thrones (GoT), which is an extremely popular show of the present times.

Sling TV formally started its service on January 5, 2015. It is an American provider of television services, which has been designed to be a full substitute of traditional suppliers, however, complements NETFLIX. The customers does not require to sign any agreement or go through elaborate paperwork while using this streaming site. Its minimal subscription cost has made it widely popular among a larger segment of the consumers.


  • It has access to live television programs, which include sports, news, prime time shows and movies.
  • It offers an extensive range of channels, that too in different languages.
  • It could be accessed on various digital gadgets, which include computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles and many more.
  • Consumers could add an extra package, in accordance with his/her interest, for only $5 per month.

The disadvantage lies in the fact that Sling TV is a new service, thus, it lacks experience and suffers from some minor glitches. Moreover, they have limited availability.

Both the above-mentioned sites are known for being extremely popular among the the North American audiences. It could be concluded from the above compare streaming solutions that both NETFLIX and Sling TV has its own series of advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the entire decision of selection depends on the users.

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