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How Streaming TV is Killing Cable & Satellite TV

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 11, 2017

With Digital Streaming services, the audience can now watch their favorite channels at reasonable prices without getting worried about the tiffs between broadcasters with the services.

Pay Television like Cable & Satellite TV face several issues like carriage disputes. You will never know when a broadcaster releases a message saying you lost or can't watch a channel any longer or comes with a package or offers cutting down the immediate accessibility to particular channel or channels.The best thing and the main reason why people prefer streaming TV Services over the Satellite or Cable TV is the cost. With Digital Streaming services, the audience can now watch their favorite channels at reasonable prices without getting worried about the tiffs between broadcasters with the services. The audience has a lot of choices to select from too!

Recent fiasco occurrence was between Fox News and Dish Network before two weeks, Fox Entertainment channels like Fox Business and Fox News was no longer streaming for DishTV subscribers because of a new agreement. On a letter available on the website, Fox claims that 'Dish' blocked their channels limiting their availability to viewers.

Tim Carry, Fox Executive, released a statement saying, "I was disappointed when Dish blocked us after almost two decades partnership. Record of Dish is enough for saying what went wrong."

Usually, the disruptions among services happen when cable or satellite operators do not extend the current contract to retain the services continuation. Pay Television companies like Dish financially agree with a compensation with the broadcasters like Fox and claims the rights of rebroadcasting to the audience.

When disputes happen among them, they come out like Broadcaster arguing that the operator blocked the services to viewers. The operator doesn't step back, and fires are revealing they were forced to take the decision because broadcaster is asking for a larger compensation for the rights. Broadcaster replies with 'We demanded Fair compensation' for the exchange of rights. Though the 'Fair compensation' is never disclosed, the conversation ends with operator reporting it will cost customers high prices if they increase compensation for broadcasters.

Customers finally face the blunt of everything and will be at a loss because of the disputes happening between the satellite operators and broadcasters. Because of the continuous conflicts, digital tv became a popular trend. Many online services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crackle, and Amazon Instant Video offer low-cost plans to television series with a price and Internet connection.

On-demand services and digital services have gained immense popularity and services like Netflix even completed 50 million customers and is one of the leading subscribers by audience beating the biggest cable operator. Traditional broadcasters are having a hard time for making revenue.

Every year the satellite rates and the cable costs only raised, all thanks to the traditional broadcasters demanding outrageous amounts for exchanging the rights and when television companies surrender, they increase the plans and prices. Price has been the primary reason for people to ditch the satellites or cables and move to digital streaming.

You can pay a certain amount of money for some channels, and you wouldn't have to worry about the services going on and off. Since you don't watch all the channels, you can pay only for the channels you watch and enjoy uninterrupted service. Digital streaming companies are also coming up with their original series giving fierce competition to Broadcasters, and also they are a huge success too.

Netflix vs Hulu is some of the leading contenders for the online streaming services. Netflix is the one of the largest subscribed channel now beating the top TV subscription. They are also having their shows giving a fierce competition for the broadcasters as well as the channels.

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