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Mass Effect: Andromeda System Requirements

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 10, 2017

Subjected as a futuristic approach, Mass Effect latest video game boast of separating new setting from the former game standard which will be a continuation of the third part.

The upcoming third-person action role playing game Mass Effect 4: Andromeda is one of the most anticipated video game which will release somewhere near mid 2017. The game play set in an open world environment, the following game will have character reference who will be leading the entire game as a third-person perspective. The plot revolves around a gameplay of a new Galaxy called as Andromeda which is set 600 years after the event of Mass Effect series. Subjected as a futuristic approach, Mass Effect latest video game boast of separating new setting from the former game standard which will be a continuation of the third part.

Set in an open world environment, the gameplay helps the third-person gamer to explore the entire Galaxy through an intergalactic journey in their provided spaceship named Tempest. Renedring upon the character’s command, the spaceship will help the player to explore the space with a second character called Alec Ryder, who is actually an N7 special forces soldier designated as a Pathfinder for the announced characters (either Sara or Scott Ryder). The soldier has been assigned to guide you to explore the galaxy and search for new planets which will be best suitable for the human species to colonize.

Directed by Mac Walters, Mass Effect: Andromeda is being published by Electronic Arts with a support of the production unit of Fabrice Condominas, Mike Gamble, Michael Legg and Brian Rae. Developed by Bio Ware, the plot has been penned by writer Chris Schlerf wherein the entire gameplay has been designed by artist/designer Joel Mac Millan and Ian Frazier. The action role playing third-person shooter player will get access to either single-player mode or else multiplayer mode. But generally, single-player mode helps better to enjoy the video game in anonymity.

The following video game development was announced via social networking site Twitter, where former Bio Ware executive producer stated that the game is presently in its later stage and is being designed in an entirely unique manner along with a completely new Mass Effect series. The announcement was made during the Electronic Arts’ press conference held on Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. In fact, the trailer and teaser were launched accordingly in You Tube on the very next day so that the fans may get a glimpse of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

However, the video game is all set to be made with Frostbite Engine, a DICE latest support, where it can be played in various platforms such as Xbox One, Play Station 4 as well as Microsoft Windows. It can be played in GTX 670 or at least R9 280 GPU. The PC or desktop if paired with mid ranged Intel Core i5-4430 3.0GHz or even Phenom II (6times) 1090T AMD processor as well as minimum 8GB RAM with an expandable memory card up to 55GB, then Mass Effect: Andromeda can be played at high graphics setting and high resolution. PC with low speed machines will have 30 FPS at 900p resolution at low graphics rating. Those who choose to play in PC, then they should possess minimum of Microsoft Windows 10 Home with minimum of 64 Bits Operating System boot.

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