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4 Video Games With Uncanny Realism

by copygeek (writer), Nairobi, January 13, 2017

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Brains, design brilliance and storytelling imagination and design brilliance is what you will find with this games

4 Video Games Video Games With Uncanny Realism

Thanks to advances in graphics technology, developers can now make games of uncanny realism. They can replicate anything and to the finest detail. But, there is a downside to this obsession with photo-realism: the quality of game design has dropped. In the past, necessity forced developers to focus more on game play than on graphics. And by default, artistic creativity and an engaging plot became a game's selling point. Fortunately, some modern games - such as the four listed below - have not lost this touch.

1) Assassins Creed
One visual cue ties together all the Assassin's Creed heroes: a distinctive yet stylish hood which hides the identity of each. It is never out of place or impractical. And this despite each hero living in a different time in history and wearing a different costume. This simple yet striking design feature is anything but a stroke of genius.

2) Halo
The Master Chief's green armor is to Halo fans what the hood is to Assassin's Creed’s followers. It is an ever present and immediately recognizable hallmark of the game's main character. And like in Assassin's Creed, it also hides the hero's identity. But unlike the smooth hood, the armor is tough and militaristic.

3) The Colossi - Shadow of the Colossus
Colossi's design is minimalist yet beautiful. The world in which the game is set is surreal and sparse yet beautiful. Monsters, which look part natural and part artificial, inhabit this atmospheric environment. They are both imposing yet somehow sympathetic. And to revive your loved one from the dead, you have to kill them.

But, they never attack you first so you are racked with guilt when dying they stare at you with mysterious eyes. This game is unique for it combines two opposites into every aspect of its design. You kill but with remorse, the monsters are intimidating yet pitiable, the world is minimalist yet awe-inspiring, and so on. The game constantly pulls you in two directions as you find your way out of an online maze. And not surprisingly, you cannot help but love it

4) Rapture - Bioshock
Imagine a once affluent city that served as a getaway for the world's elite but which has now fallen into ruin. Also picture it under the Atlantic Ocean where a gene-altering sea slug caused its demise. And yet all this happened in the 1950's so the metropolis is a time capsule, a world frozen in time. Crazed 'splicer's' infest the streets which are also full of cadavers of former residents. And this is just the games opening scene. Need I say more?

Despite the modern obsession with realism, really good video games and puzzle games do exist. Besides the creative graphics, the developers have put in time coming up with thrilling plots. As the four listed above prove, all is not lost in the gaming industry.

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