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5 Ways of Less Testing & More Learning Time

by Sarah Taylor (writer), , January 09, 2017

Testing diverts time from learning. What students learn in class and what they are tested are often unrelated.

This article highlights the various ways that schools and educators can reduce the number of tests administered to students and improve learning in schools. Until now, policy makers and curriculum developers are yet to discover the test-based incentives that can consistently generate positive results on achievement and enhancement of learning. As a result, standardized tests take too much time away from learning and prevent students from developing a love for learning and other well-rounded skills. In addition, tests reduce the time available for students to learn about art, music, and physical education, among others. Educators have discovered that too much testing neither helps their students do better in school or improve in life. Therefore, it is necessary for learning institutions to implement training systems that involve less testing and encourages more learning.

Less Testing and More Learning Time

It has been argued that standardized tests take time from learning in activities. Therefore, the following forms can be used by educators to ensure less testing and encourage more learning time for students.

Change of readiness assessment tests to sample tests

Readiness tests are proven to be disruptive tests that force students when they are in school for the first week to be focused on standardized tests rather than learning other things. Therefore, substituting standardized tests with sample tests will help students learn better without harming the quality of teaching and learning for students. This way, less time will be spent on testing. Also, more time will be available for students to learn and sharpen their life skills, discover themselves and enhance their knowledge.

Increasing transparency around testing

This can be done by obliging school districts to disclose all mandated assessments every year publicly. Taking standardized tests wastes a lot of time and increases stress among students. For this reason, parents have the right to know when, why, how, and for long their children are tested. This way, parents can access information about the tests and develop conversations on the tests to be reduced and eliminated.

Creation of less federally-mandated testing

This would free up time and resources while at the same time reduce the “teaching to test” notion among educators. As a result, educators will be able to focus on important aspects of learning. In turn, they will also instill a love of learning in their students.

Ensuring that student tests results are not used in principal and teacher evaluations since using standardized tests in teacher evaluations encourages a heightened focus and pressure on standardized testing performance. Consequently, teachers are forced to teach students in preparation for testing. In turn, this reduces the student’s opportunity to learn.

Reduce the months

The period of assessment tests should be reduced so that the students can have a better opportunity to learn new things and develop love for learning. Besides that, it will reduce the time spent on studying and sitting for tests. As a result, the time dedicated to standardized tests will reduce significantly, and students will be encouraged to learn more and develop their talents in art, music, and physical education.

Author Bio: The author of this guest article is Taylor Wilson writer of Custom Paper Writing Service. He is a graduate and has been an educator for years.

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