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Know Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 26, 2016

Let us have a look at the wish list for the latest version FIFA 18.

With the immense popularity of FIFA 17, EA Sports have made it a point to come up with the latest installment of the FIFA franchise with the inclusion of features and changes in the latest FIFA 18. FIFA 17 gained the popularity for the inclusion of features like new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system and set piece rewrites along with the changes in the in game graphic. The FIFA fans are looking forward to the latest version to have many features that would make it one of the best versions in the FIFA franchise. With the ever so hyped up feature of the journey mode that we saw in the last version the fans also expect the upgraded version of this feature in the latest release. Let us have a look at the wish list for the latest version FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 wish list includes:

  • Better Crowds

It is a fact that when there is a real life football game going on the crowds and fans are the biggest motivating factor for a footballer. Even though while playing a video game, that is not really something that requires a lot of attention but the whole authentic atmosphere which include the realistic crowds in the stadium, especially a cheering crowd adds to the excitement of playing the game. Since FIFA is now using the Frostbite engine, they can easily add some improved graphic features. We all hope that the FIFA 18 will come with better and realistic crowds which will improve the quality of the game.

  • More authentic commentary

Considering the commentary for FIFA it has always been Martin Tyler and Alan Smith since the FIFA 16, but with the repetitiveness the level of authenticity has gone down a bit. We hope that EA will provide a more authentic commentary with the release of FIFA 18.

  • Improved Penalty Shootout

EA has made some noticeable changes when it comes to the penalty shootout in the last version of FIFA 17. But it was quite average in the last version and we expected more control over the position as it lacked perfection in the last version. So we hope that FIFA 18 would have a better an improved penalty shootout so that the gamers can score more goals from the spot.

  • Highlights on Women’s Football

EA has introduced the Women’s football in FIFA 16, and this was one step taken that brought out the mass amount of fans especially women gamers. The fact that this was neglected in the FIFA 17, we hope EA will look into this and will include the Women’s club football in the upcoming version.

  • Different Celebration Style for Different Players

FIFA game allows the gamers to do any celebration and somehow the celebration looked silly, and with the rival PES improving the player specific celebrations, which is obviously more realistic. we hope the makers will improve this segment before they release the FIFA 18.

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