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Marko Stout : New York's Coolest Artist

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 18, 2016

Marko Stout is acclaimed as the coolest artist of New York. His reputation increased like a skyrocket, and he is especially famous among teenagers.

Marko Stout is acclaimed as the coolest artist of New York and one of the popular artists of multimedia today. His works are inspirational and exciting with prints, sculptures, installations, and films. They are exhibited in collections and many galleries. His reputation increased like a skyrocket, and he is especially famous among teenagers.

His solo shows were huge collectors and created a trend grabbing the attention of everyone to his urban works. Social media played a huge role for the artist because his fans made him a sensation on the internet, there has been the rise of sales and crowd for his galleries are increasing tremendously. His work mainly focuses on urban myth and explores sexuality adding a modern aura to the theme which makes it easier for the audience to connect easily.

Manhattan-based Marko Stout's potentiality and skills made him a popular international artist, and he is famous for his pop style and inclusions of unique storytelling. Though, he is considered as a mainstream artist now; it wasn't the same before. In the initial phase of his career during the late 90s, he was treated like an outsider in SoHo, San Francisco and New York.

Marko Stout didn't have an easy way out like many artists, he was from a small town in New Jersey, he was away from the world of glamor and glitz of NY City. Stout was into surfing, athletics, and rock music during the early days. After the completion of high school, the young artist decided to try his hands in the glamor world and to travel complete Europe and America and to try on odd jobs in the journey.

Eventually, Marko Stout came back home for pursuing the college studies in Medicine and Biology from Columbia and Princeton universities. He was financially poor but a talented student. He took few more years for completing his orthopedic training from a NY Veteran's hospital. But, he changed his direction later to go for his creative side and followed his dreams after getting a doctorate and went ahead to California.

His works are selling on the rapid scale in the recent years after getting accepted as a mainstream artist in the art world. His galleries are making record making sales. He also plans for more galleries and international exhibitions. His fans mainly belong to a young audience, and he is being claimed as the next Andy Warhol.

The 1960s pop got a complete recreation with his artworks. What makes his work outstanding is the touch of rawness, independence, attitude, and hardcore he adds to his music with a twist. His music mostly consists of the theme of ladies as the concept maintaining a chic, detached, and sexy attitude though going through pain. His works became a sensation because of its close connection to the real life people, his provoking artworks grabbed the attention and took the industry by storm.

You can check out the complete information of Marko Stout New York's Cool Artist on http://­ and also his works. Listen and decide it for your own.

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