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Soda Fountain, A Legacy Running Since Ages

by simonhopes (writer), , November 29, 2016

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Soda Fountain

Soda fountain may have become a common thing to find in several places, and there are many clubs and hangout zones that entirely owe to the soda fountains....

Soda fountain may have become a common thing to find in several places, and there are many clubs and hangout zones that entirely owe to the soda fountains, but there was the time when finding a soda fountain was nowhere less than the surprise and only a few places had it, and they weren’t the soda fountain, but the fountain that stocked mineral waters. Coming to this age, soda fountains had to go through a lot of transition, and it has a rich history resting on its success.

Today, people has got interested in installing the soda fountain at their homes, and those interested ones can get soda fountain for sale.

History of Soda Fountain

There was the time when finding soda fountain giving away the carbonated beverages was a hard deal, and only a few places had it. The very few numbers of the soda centers became popular for meeting friends. But, it wasn’t invented to serve soda.

The origin of the soda fountain can be traced to the early of 1770. A Swedish chemist named Torbern Bergman along with an English scientist named Joseph Priestley came together and gave birth to their first equipment that saturated thewater with carbon dioxide. The invention led many to connect to both scientists, and the invention got enhanced and then came the creation of the soda drinks through the same process. The process of the improvement not only added to the new drinks but also gave birth to the soda fountain machines.

Rise of the Soda Fountain

The invention of the soda fountain not only gave people something new but also enabled the shops to try out the new thing and they started selling liquid carbonic soda drinks. At the time, when the soda fountain just hit the market, congress banned the cocaine and opiates, and peoples started getting concerned about the intoxication in their drinks. Baur and others came together, and they started reinventing the image of the soda fountain and advertise it to be the non-intoxicating drinks and became the delicious treats.

The soda fountain then started serving all sorts and flavors of drinks and this just added to the list of abetter opportunity for the shop keepers. The golden age of the sofa fountain was retained until 1950, and by this time, almost every drugstore owner had their own soda fountain.

Fall of the Soda fountain

After enjoying and witnessing the huge success, Soda fountain lost its importance and just became the “soft-drinks.” The mass production of the can soft drinks and other beverages contributed largely to the decline of the soda fountains, and people moved towards the can drinks. This soon made the world a place deprived of the soda fountain.

Yet again, people are finding soda fountain a cool thing to have and all over again the rise of the soda fountain has reached heights. People are now seeking the place where they can find soda fountain to buy, and if you wish to, there are many sites that are selling the soda fountain.

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