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Curiosity brings affinity and understanding.

by baynurse (writer), Sausalito,California, November 22, 2016

we normalize killing insects instead of encouraging curiosity about them. the same with people who seem different than us.

Respectful Curiosity, can bring affinity, empathy, understanding, and even love.But first that curiosity will bring us together to at least speak and connect with someone else, someone clearly different in their looks, language and experiences.

So many things we take for granted, we only realize the value of them, till they’re gone.How do you treat things that can be gone any minute, all of it, including your life? Would you appreciate each day and moment, if you knew your last was near. Would you go out of your way and stand up for someone who could be killed for no other reason than existing in their truth, and being?

This is a time for gratitude, and appreciation. A time when we are being bombarded with horrific words that explode and radiate all around, 360 degrees, affecting all who those who hear them.Words bring up charges. Words are loaded with charges. Each word contains a bomb, specifically marked to wound, injure, incite, berate, damage, scar, belittle, and depress and continues on for generations. Words that resonate with you, increase your belief in them, even if they are lies. Deep in your heart you know that you are imperfectly perfect at this moment, knowing where you are is the effect of your causes.You are a result of your own actions. You are reaping what you have sown, karmageddon!!!

People responding out of fear, and existing in fear, spreading more fear.

You cannot fight a fire with a fire, you might control its direction with fire, but you cannot quiet it.Therefore, you cannot fight deplorable behavior, with the same, it will never cease.So, I ask myself to be the change, start with the mirror, clean it really good, then look into it.If who you see is who you want to be, then love and appreciate yourself, and please continue, your example is inspiring. If you are in any way , disappointed, dismayed or judgmental, hateful and mean to yourself ,remember, if you see a pimple on your face and it disgusts you and ruins your day, imagine when someone with skin cancer looks in the mirror wishing it was just a pimple.

We complain about the smallest things in life, we hold on to the stupidest things, and we become complacent, uninterested, uninvolved, and too busy.

So,I stand with the Moslem,because I am one, I stand with the gays, because I am one, Istand with the Mexicans, because I am one, I stand up for women, because I am one, I stand with the disabled, as I too have disabilities. I can continue to be friends, ask how can I help, and give love and acceptance to everyone who wants it.

The laws, and the presidents have changed, seemingly we have been here before, good versus evil, as over and over. No one has changed in their beliefs, only their fear of reprimand if they use it has changed.

One day I was writing at my computer, and a housefly started buzzing around my head and my computer screen, distracting, and annoying me, with its incessant buzzing, and flitting all around, with no regards to my frame of mind.It landed on my hand, I looked at it, it had the tiniest feet, with seemingly jointed parts, and her wings, were transparent, and had what looked like veins or something. Her eyes were huge, and brown, I admired her being, how the great creator took time effort and time to create this species, to harmonize and balance this planet.I felt equal to this fly, I felt that there was enough room, and space for us to share. I gently walked over to the window, with said fly in hand and let it go out the window, where she happily flew away.

Now imagine if that was a child bothering me, swatting, squashing, killing them is not an option. I would come close to the child, be equal to it, take its hand, and gently send him out to play in another place. If you cannot respect a fly in your space without instantly killing it, for your own superiority to it, then imagine it were your child, be gentle and respectful to a fly, to yourself, to others. And everything.Everything was created to be enjoyed and appreciated.Be respectful of that gift, that serves you.

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