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by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 15, 2016

Just a muse on the lows and highs people are willing or not, to pay for a roof over their heads. Prompted by housing shows and dream purchases in mind no doubt. :>)


I live in Australia just two hours from a major city. Have been in the building circuit at one time. Can't believe the fluctuation and flamboyant disparity of some prices paid for seemingly very little gain, indeed, reno people such as a mother and daughter paying a paltry $9500 for skeletal wavering remnants of a house tottering on nil foundations in one reno housing show. The pair spent something like $180,000 refurbishing on a small block. Obviously it wasn't bulldozed simply because there wouldn't be that episode. However, a dozing bull headbutting the initial purchase would have flattened the purchase. Mum and daught made a few bob though.

Guy was in raptures over a two bedroom tiny house jammed in between elevated houses towering over it casting a permanent shadow in downtown,maybe uptown? San Francisco. At least if the fault erupts the house could take on a 'split level' persona. The price? $550,000! He was thrilled. And so it goes. Bum to fit every seat in different cars. Czars, or bank bulk purchase, who knows? Watched many programs around Texas dwellings, for instance lovely big place three bedroom neat neighborhood, $159,000. Reason i was informed, Hispanics (some unregistered seems the norm?) paid $6 to $7 an hour, sometimes not at all. Sad.

Californian bungalows near the sea enormous prices. I paid $140,000 for a two bedroom brick house 700 square metres of land. Admittedly country not really my scene as i love the city, but had to leave through circumstance and with the advent of overseas purchasers with plenty of dosh the city is but a drive- thru pipe dream especially for the first home buyer. My house in comparison to the port city in Hamilton Canada for instance would on their pricing cost about $340,000, and Vancouver i was told is just rental for most and the only hope of owning,indeed for the young, a waiting game for the parents to fall off the perch or the loo and inherit. Sounds awful i know, but for those of us lucky enough to get residence or rental in Heaven, i have it on good authority you can't take even a tiny mobile house with you. Maybe through the upsurge in Tiny houses people some, are so sick of the mortgage they opt out but then there's rental on land ongoing and falling out of the loft after a nightmare could culminate in an ongoing one.

Then there's England where mainly senior couples seem to buy country properties for average one million dollars but i'm sure this aint the norm. Some just stand back, gut the dwellings and throw gobs of money on renovation. Unbelievable. Then back to America where the skies the limit in the bread winner 'upper crust' or inherited old money class, with a chandelier worth one hundred thousand alone...dangling alone precariously it seemed. No indoor cricket, or basketball allowed? But then there more than likely would be a cricket pitch and basketball court lurking. Oh and the revolving dance floor and indoor pool. Lady i was talking to lived in New York said that property there was cheaper than major cities in Australia. Find it hard to believe as i read somewhere folks there had to work more than one job just to rent or the 'Big Apple' could go pear -shaped for them?

Anyway wherever you settle or whatever you're willing to pay for your perceived piece of paradise i wish you well and good luck with your purchase. Guess the important thing is friends and family and a few acres for the kids to ride their polo ponies across, within walking distance to the marina? Good luck. And if you live in a Tiny house and divorce so much easier to split. I'm kidding, love the one you're with, or as close as you can be to? I'm kidding! :>)

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