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What will US immigration be like in 2017?

by simonhopes (writer), , November 04, 2016

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The topic that is most talked about in the news lately, with regard to the upcoming US presidential elections, is immigration.

This is because both candidates – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump – are on opposing viewpoints when it comes to their respective immigration policies. It is not only a hot topic, but also a very important one, since there is a high likelihood that the election winner will be determined by the so-called “migrant vote,” which is composed of millions of immigrants of Hispanic and Asian descent. The next president of the United States can determine what US immigration will look like in 2017 and even beyond.

Clinton has been very vocal and supportive of her Democratic predecessor Barack Obama’s immigration policies – particularly his previous executive orders DAPA and DACA, which Clinton believes was a justifiable act not needing Congressional approval. Her stand on immigration is a comprehensive reform and allowing a path to full and equal citizenship. She does not support mass deportation of illegal immigrants already in the country, and who have established jobs and means of livelihood in the US. She believes that these people deserve a chance to be American citizens in time, since they are already contributing to the US economy. She believes that families should stay complete and will protect them.

Trump’s immigration policies are a stark contrast to Clinton’s. His most famous line, “build a wall” is a fundamental part of his campaign. He promises to build that wall along the US-Mexico border, and make the Mexicans pay for the large cost. He called Mexicans “rapists” and said they were “bringing crimes” and “bringing drugs” into the US. He previously said that he will deport all illegal immigrants, which is estimated to be around 11 million people. He also said he will ban Muslims from entering the United States, due to their terrorist ties. However, he is open to having illegal immigrants re-enter the US, provided that they first must be deported or voluntary leave, then go through the legal process of immigration.

Those are just some ideas of what US immigration will look like next year (and maybe beyond), depending on who wins the November election. If Clinton wins, look for her to continue most of the programs of Obama, and even strengthening it by giving more priority to families already in the US. If Trump wins, look for him to make do on his promise to deport illegal immigrants and perhaps, really build that wall and enforce it.

As of this moment, due to Trump’s outrageous statements against them, Hispanics are mostly in support of his opponent Clinton. It is estimated that 65 percent of all Hispanics in the US are favoring Clinton, as opposed to the 17 percent that is for Trump. However, Trump has been changing tune on his immigration policies over the last few weeks and months. From a former hardline stance of deporting all illegals, he said he was “softening” his stance and would be open to a pathway for legal status.

Both candidates do agree on one thing, and that is the borders must be strictly enforced. Also, they are unopposed if legal immigrants enter the US, which is the proper thing to do. For Mexicans and other Central Americans looking to cross the border on the southwest side, the best thing to do would be to talk to immigration attorneys in San Diego, in order for you to find out the necessary requirements and how the process goes. By doing it the proper way, you can get in regardless of who the next American president will be.

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