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How to Find the Best Executives For Your Business

by Delan Cooper (writer), , October 27, 2016

Owning a business can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience. It takes dedication and the ability to stay organized while planning for the future.

The beauty of owning a business is the fact that there is so much freedom, chances to help community and versatility that can be employed to help create a solid foundation for profit and customer satisfaction, no matter the products or services being offered. Factors for success are numerous and the ability to find the right ones that cater to your specific business will reap many rewards. However, it is difficult for one person to run a business on their own.

Many businesses start with an idea and the owner takes that idea and forms a conglomeration of people around that who can function as a group. The group then executes that idea fully, hoping to become successful and turn a profit so the entire cycle can begin again. When it comes to finding people who can implement ideas, it is first important to recognize what type of qualities you will need in the people that are to fill the important positions in a business. Making sure that you have people you can trust is integral to keeping the business afloat.

Along with business owners, executives are the backbone of a proper working enterprise. Finding quality executives can be a very difficult experience. People are hard to trust in our current economic state and finding loyal employees makes the experience of owning a business sometimes very stressful. However, there are many resources to turn to in order to find quality workers and executives to help fill out a business’ roster. Searching for those who want executive careers often requires the potential employee to perform an executive career search. As with any job search, potential employees must search for opportunities but business owners must also seek out employees. It’s a two-way street.


Taking advantage of all of the resources available on the internet and in printed media helps to bring in the most potential employees to choose from for a business. Turning to sites such as Craigslist, where one can put up ads to attract potential workers can be a great resource to find executives. There are many quality workers who are willing to take on an executive position in a business but they sometimes must be reached out to by the business owner. It’s important to look everywhere possible. Many quality workers who are qualified to work in executive positions and have the necessary skills to make executive decisions can be reached by various methods.

Those looking for executive careers must also do their part on trying to find prospective businesses to be employed by. There are many websites online which prospective employers and employees can use to find each other and communicate. Many of these websites function similarly to directories where employable people, in this case doing an executive career search, can post their resume which can be viewed by business owners. Once a connection is made, the two can then communicate and carry on with the interview process.

Putting out ads to gain attention for your business can be a great way to find the employees you need. But that is the easy part of the process. The more difficult portion comes when it is time to interview and review specifications and experience. Striving to hire someone who has the proper skills to handle the job ensures that you have someone at the helm that can steer the business in the proper direction and make important decisions for the good of everyone.

Owning a business can sometimes be a challenging experience, yet it can also be very rewarding, allowing for growth not only in monetary value but also for the employees and owners. Taking advantage of websites such as job directories and websites such as Craigslist ensures that you will have a plethora of people to choose from to help run the business and keep it humming like a well-oiled machine.

Choosing a good candidate begins with the interview process. While a degree is certainly proof that they have the tenacity to see things through, it can't be the sole determinant of success. Sometimes people have gone a different route, for example, someone who has taught themselves computer programming from a young age can sometimes be more adept than someone freshly graduated from a computer science degree.

Testing people personality can be an important determinant. Is the person required to work hard in their cubicle all day, only coming out for fresh air and coffee? Or are they expected to liaise and cooperate with their colleagues all day? In the former case, an introvert would be a good fit, while the latter requires an extrovert. Do you need someone who just needs to stick the plan, or a creative person who gets things done on the fly? There's a whole range of questions one must ask themselves about the nature of the interviewee in order to get to the heart of who to hire.

If a candidate doesn't work out, you don't have to fire them straightaway. Sometimes some is not quite suited to the job description, but they have a flair for something else that is needed within the company. See if you can transfer them to another task or department first. of course, in some cases people are lazy, inflexible, or hard to get along with and they make no efforts to remedy these negative traits. In that case, it's almost always best to hire people on trial, in order for employer and employee to both 'feel each other out'.

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