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7 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants to Dump You

by Editor (editor), , October 18, 2016

Understand your girlfriend’s intentions to end your relationship long before she communicates it openly.

Sometimes there comes the moment when both partners realize that their relationship has no future. But in most cases when one of the partners decides to break up, it comes as a surprise to the other partner who thought everything was okay. The following tips provided by where you can find russian girls for dating will help you understand your girlfriend’s intentions to end your relationship long before she communicates it openly.

    1.She doesn’t make plans
    If a woman is aimed at a long-term relationship, she’ll refer to some future events that she wants to experience with you. For example, she says something like “My mom cooks the best chocolate cake in the world and you must taste it on Christmas”. This is an encoded message which means she wants to spend Christmas holidays together with you. A rare girl will make plans for the future if she has already decided to end a relationship.

    2.She doesn’t want to hang out with your friends
    When your girlfriend loses her interest in you, she automatically becomes indifferent to your life. In the beginning of your relationship, she would gladly hang out with you in the company of your friends. She liked them a lot and really enjoyed those meetings. But now she will find any excuse to avoid going out with your buddies.

    3.She’s become a Drama Queen
    Of course, all couples have fights and you’re not an exception. But if earlier you used to kiss and make up, now her scenes turn into a flood of insults and blames. She doesn’t choose words because she isn’t afraid to lose you. She even wants to and this way she prepares herself for a final fight.

    4.She’s become indifferent
    There is another indicator of her decision to break up with you. She stops caring. At first, you might like the idea that she doesn’t ask you a lot of questions, doesn’t nag you, and doesn’t get mad when you leave your socks in the wrong places. But you should know that women care until they love. Once they fall out of love, they stop arguing because they stop caring. If your girlfriend has become indifferent, she is waiting for the right moment to declare that she doesn’t have feelings for you and you need to break up.

    5.She keeps her secrets
    Girls are bad at keeping secrets. They can’t resist the temptation to share something they know with others. Men often get to know the secrets of their girlfriends’ friends because women tend to share everything with people they love. If you notice that your girlfriend doesn’t tell you any stories related to her female friends or she’s become more reserved, it means she crossed you out of the list of people she can confide a secret to.

    6.She upholds her independence
    Earlier, it was OK to keep your socks in her drawer or clean your teeth together. Now, she is constantly telling you off for invading her personal space. It should alert you: her desire to have more privacy in everyday life may lead to your separation on a global scale.

    7.She rarely kisses you
    Sex is not the barometer of a relationship. For women, kissing and hugging are the real manifestations of intimacy. If your girlfriend doesn’t initiate kisses or avoids your hugs, her feelings for you have cooled off.

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