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Things to Consider Before Using Hair Cut Apps

by herbertp343 (writer), , October 17, 2016

There are many types of haircut apps available today. You can get them downloaded on your mobile device, be it android OS or any other mobile OS.

Haircut app makes life easy for the barber and his clients. It helps save lot of money and time. It will also give the barber a clear idea of what the client actually wants. It will help you decide on the right type of haircut for you. Aside being informative, the apps are also fun.

If you have been carrying a particular style of haircut for ages and wish to change to something else, you can easily try out any new haircut using the mobile app to see how you will look in that new haircut. After trying things out virtually via the app, you can then instruct your barber on the particular haircut you want.

Many of these haircut apps are designed by hair specialists and they have put their experiences and expertise to the test to make the apps work. There are many types of haircut apps available today. You can get them downloaded on your mobile device, be it android OS or any other mobile OS.

The haircut apps are designed to be gender-specific. Many of them however have features for both male and female haircut.

With the aid of this app, you can easily check up what you will probably look like in a new haircut. You can equally dye your hair to different colors and check how each of them looks on you. If you want to change your hairstyle but you are confused about the one to go for, you can always use this app to search for new haircut that will perfectly fit you. The app will give you clear ideas about how different haircuts will look on you.

How does it work?

First of all, you take your picture using your mobile phone. The app allows you to take picture directly. You can equally use any of the pictures already available on your device. Afterwards, you can pick any of the available haircut styles in the app and apply same to the picture. This will help you know how well that particular haircut will fit you.

Some of the apps are free, while you will be required to pay for some other ones. You will be provided with tons of options that enable you to see how your face will look wearing a new haircut.

Common features

Some of the common features of haircut apps are highlighted below:

  • Highly realistic hair coloring
  • Zooming control that enables total accuracy
  • Wide range of hair colors included with sliding tab selector
  • Innumerable steaks can also be added.
  • You can share your new virtual haircut on social media too
  • Ability to control color strength, like translucency and smoothening control.
  • Many are compatible with all forms of mobile Operating Systems.

Available options

Virtually all the apps come with hairstyle packs for boys and men. You will also come by Kooples pack consisting of hairstyles for boys looking for various fashionable hairstyles that can go perfectly with their outfits. Sporty haircut styles are also available. Mowie pack can give you various trendy spike hairstyles.

Others common ones are:

  • Buzz pack for short-haired men
  • Texturized pack that gives various textures of men hair
  • Savvy hair cut pack designed for boys desiring to look trendy
  • Flowing hair cut pack for men with long hair

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