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How to Massage your Face the Right way

by Hammad Rafique (writer), , October 13, 2016

Mostly people don't know how to massage their faces correctly, wrongly doing it can put their face in serious problems and they can get into some skin disease.

When it comes to a facial massage, the first thing that comes to mind is the glorifying and smooth skin of Japanese women that seems to be better each day. You can do as much cleansing and moisturize throughout the day but without a facial massage, you won’t get that luxurious skin texture.

You can visit a massage spa or an esthetic salon near your society. But for how long would you pay the costly lump sum? The fact here is that getting a facial massage from a spa or salon is a convenient option and does benefits you a lot. But they charge a lot, and you’ll end up having debt on your credit card.

So, for this reason, I have created this guide on how to massage your face the right way. I have explained some great techniques that you can learn to perform a facial massage at home.

How to Give a Face Massage

The techniques I have mentioned below are used in Japanese Facial Massage. With regularity, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your complexion with a refined texture making it smoother than ever. You must follow the guide exactly to learn to apply pressure with your fingertips on the exact areas and muscles that will benefit you. It will help to stimulate the blood vessels and improves the flow of oxygenated blood in the facial area. This helps to maintain health and beauty of your skin. More than 30 muscles are linked to the skin underneath your face and head, and a significant amount of these muscles are used for eating and making those facial expressions. Mostly people don't know that there are some massage chairs available that give you face massage too, check this website to get a quick review of these chairs.

Japanese Massage Techniques to Use

  1. Massage Speed: This helps to improve the blood circulation drastically. This will be done by fingers in sync with the pulse.
  2. Directional Massage Motion: In this technique, we’ll be using harmony with the natural flow of your muscles for creating the right motions to leverage the benefits of facial massage.
  3. Massage Pressure: Pressure is applied to best massage effects. This helps a lot for changing the skin around your eyes but be sure not to apply too much pressure on that area as it is delicate.

Starting the Massage

  • Take a massage cream and cup your whole face with the cream using your palms. Be gentle at this stage and don’t apply too much pressure.
  • Now with your fingers, start massaging in a spiral motion from the center of the face and towards the temples. Make sure that you sync the motions with the pulse.
  • Now with a gentle slide of the fingers, massage around the eyes and bridge of the nose. Always slide your fingers outwards gently.
  • Now slide the fingers downward from the top of the nose bridge and then move it carefully up and down your nostrils.
  • With your index finger and the thumb, go to and fro your lips and the area in between the lips and nose. You can put a little pressure on these areas.
  • For the cheeks, again use the spiral direction, starting from your jawline and towards the temples.
  • Finally, cup the whole face with your hands and gradually slide outwards toward the bottom of the ears.
  • For a final touch, stroke the nape of your neck down towards the chest. Wipe off the massage cream rinse your face with lukewarm water, cover your face with a towel for a couple of minutes and finally dry the water.

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