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5 Incredibly Useful Writing Tips for Academic Writer

by ramish (writer), , October 13, 2016

Academic writing is the process of deductive reasoning and breaking down of certain ideas, in the formal voice and third person’s point of view.

Academic writing is the process of deductive reasoning and breaking down of certain ideas, in the formal voice and third person’s point of view. It is the study of the researcher thinking and contribution of other researchers with providing evidence to the thesis statement of an individual research question.

There can be multiple types of academic writing including research papers, literature surveys, and course work these all have solutions for the individual problem encountered during a research study.

There can be many tips for effective academic writing some of them discussed below, for effective academic writing we should not only follow these, but other effective tips can also use.

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Plan Time:

Before starting the thesis statement and research work the time management should need to do before. If the case occurs with a shortage of time, the quality and quantity of the thesis study or academic writing must not get affected.

Precise definition of Thesis Statement and Research Question:

Whenever doing an academic study in research perspective the research question and study purpose must be clearly defined. And it must be answered and research as according to the defined research statement. The thesis statement and research question must be specific, and it must relate to the discussion and conclusion of the research study.

Discussion and Research Study:

Discussion on research study must consist of paragraphs, sections and chapters and books. First of all the topic must be made clear laterally it must expand as according to the research question and conclude as accordingly. At each level, there must be clarity in saying as the reader got attention to read it and will understand what discussed in the research study. Research study must do through the papers and books of the legal authors; there must be clarity in the argument.

Transitions in Research Study:

However, the transition is difficult, but indeed they are the essential part of the effective academic writing. Each sentence in the para must relate to the preceding sentence, and it must follow it. Moreover, each paragraph must follow the previous section. Without the right structure and transition words, readers will end up to backtracking and would not clearly understand the main idea and purpose of the study. Along with the use of transition words, there must be avoidance of too short and too long sentences; Connectives must employ for long sentences.


The research study must be free of plagiarism, where ever the research study has the contribution of other researchers, books and websites it must reference. At the time of referencing, for each paragraph, two references can use, but we must avoid the use of multiple references with each word and sentence in the article.


The conclusion is the summarizing of the overall study in the one paragraph; the outcome usually does not consist of any reference as it's the summarization and nutshell of the whole study. It must consist three to five sentences describing the primary study purpose and nutshell of the entire study; Conclusion must consist of the finishing statement which clearly defined and approved the research question.

Revise Research Question:

The research study, literature review and conclusion must be as according to a research question, after the completion of the academic writing it must be reviewed and proofread for the errors and mistakes. It must ensure that all have the precise connectivity and clear description so that reader must be not end up to backtracking. We should revise the research study as it could be a matter of interest for the user.

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