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5 Types of Food Products That Last Long

by Seema Sharma (writer), , October 12, 2016

There are some of the food items that can be stored until a long time if you know the storing techniques for those certain food items.

You just have to gain the knowledge of storing and know which food items are perishable and which are not. This article discusses five types of food products that you can store for long.

If you are someone who goes for best food shopping online, then you might order the grocery in such a way that it will last long. You look for the items that are inexpensive and that serve your multiple purposes without getting perished before time.

Know about how to store them as well for the longer use, Before buying such items. Read here:

Dal & Pulses-

Pulses are a part of the regular menu of most Indian households. You will find every other house preparing pulses for either lunch or dinner every other day. Of course, these are beneficial in providing nutrition and vitamins and almost every household store these pulses in bulk. When you are buying the pulses, make sure they are free from bugs and have not expired. Then, store them in air tight containers and place some neem leaves in the containers for increasing their shelf life.


Who doesn’t love rice? There are innumerable delicious recipes that can be prepared with rice. And, there is no denying the fact that we Indians love to experiment with food, so we mostly purchase rice in bulk quantities. For the longer use, store the rice in sealed and oxygen absorbing packets and keep them in a cool and dry place so that the pests won’t be able to reach there.

Spices & Salt-

Without spices & salt, the food does not look or taste like the food. These are the basic ingredients that actually make your food tasty and hence they can be stored in abundance, too. But, storing these things for more than six years may not be good for you. With time, these start losing their color and pungency. So, purchase the spices & salt in a quantity that they will last long only till six months or less.


What is a household that does not have flour stored? India is known for producing wheat and consuming flour. So, it is obvious that you would store flour in large quantities. Now, when it comes to the storing purposes, then so any idea that will keep the flour protected from the bugs will work well. You can store the flour in big canisters and place the canisters at a cool and the dry place.

Dry Fruits-

The dry fruits are one of the best sources when it comes to providing health benefits. Besides, you can also eat them after lunch or dinner, so they serve many purposes. But, as soon as you receive the packages, don’t forget to check them thoroughly. You can store the raw and toasted nuts in the fridge in some sealed packages.

When you are doing your best food shopping online, you might get worries about the expiry dates. However, you must always shop from the online portal that only provides good quality of products. Make sure that you check the expiry dates of the products as soon as you receive the packages and also store them in the right containers using the tips mentioned above.

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