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How to Write a Memorable Wedding Speech

by Stuartclocks (writer), , October 07, 2016

When your friend is getting married, this can be a very special time for you as well. If they are your very close friend (or family member), you may even be in the wedding party and have to give a spe

When your friend is getting married, this can be a very special time for you as well. If they are your very close friend (or family member), you may even be in the wedding party and have to give a speech to honor your loved one. This may seem like a very easy task but it comes with a lot of pressure. You want to give an amazing speech, one that your loved ones and the guests will remember fondly. If you are at a loss for the right words, this article will help you to make an amazing and memorable speech that will not soon be forgotten. Wedding speeches may not be easy, but they are definitely worth it when you see the smile on everyone’s faces. You may even get some tears.

Writing the Wedding Speech- Wedding Party Edition

It does not matter if you are writing a best man speech or a maid of honor speech; they are both on principle the same type of speech. The maid of honor and the best man are both there to honor their friend during this journey that they are on. They are there to wish the best of the luck to the happy couple. This is what really kicks off the party so it is so important that you get it right. If you don’t, that speech will be memorable for all of the wrong reasons. There is actually a formula that will help you to get this just right.

The first thing that you need to do is get the basics of this special speech done. You need to introduce yourself. Sure, people will know that you are the best man or the maid of honor but you need to introduce who you are to them. So by doing a speech, say that you are the best friend that went to high school with the bride or the brother of the groom. Once this has been made clear, you can move onto the rest of the speech basics. You need to make sure that you congratulate the happy couple. You also need to remember to thank the hosts of the wedding for inviting you to be a part of this special day.

Once you have gotten the formalities out of the way, you can move onto the actual speech that you are going to give. This is the part that you really want to stand out as memorable. Think of your speech as you would a story. You need a beginning, middle, and an amazing end. Avoid trying to Google speeches because these will often end up sounding very generic and not from the heart. Tell the audience a story about how you met your friend and some funny memory of while you were younger, preferably something appropriate for the occasion. Keep this part brief, or you could opt to avoid it and move onto this next item. Then you move onto talk about the couple in a meaningful way. Talk about some adorable and loving moments that you witnessed between this couple and how great they are together. Finally, wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness.

Make sure that you do not do something that is memorized or copied. This will come off negatively to the guests. Instead, you can write down notes and add in some improvised statements to help your speech along. It should be personalized specifically to the happy couple. The worst thing that you can possibly do is come off as bland or without any emotion. You want them to have a rollercoaster of emotions along with you. You want the guests to feel what you are saying. After all of this, finish off with the wedding toast such as “to the bride and groom!”

The Grooms Speech

There are a lot of similarities between how you write a speech like the one above and how to write a grooms speech and a wedding toast. For both of these things, you also need to have a hilarious anecdote that will amuse the guests as well as some heartfelt story. You want to inspire emotion in the guests and really set a specific tone to the wedding day festivities. For this reason, you really need to watch out for these points during your speech to make the most out of them. The groom’s speech was traditionally a way to thank the bride’s family for hosting the wedding and to praise your new bride. It is also there to thank the guests for attending this very important occasion in your life. The groom will thank the bride’s family for welcoming him into their family. You should also remember to thank your own family, especially your parents and the great job they did raising you. This is the happy couple’s big day and getting the grooms speech right is just as important as every other speech. Remember to also avoid acting like you are reading from a cue card or from memory. You want to make sure that your speech is full of emotions. You should write notes down from the heart but feel free to add something to your speech as you go on to really make it shine. If the guests feel any emotions during the speech, it will be memorable for them.


You want the guests and the happy couple to be happy with your wedding speech. No matter who you are, you want to make sure that the speech you give is something that people talk about for quite some time after the wedding for all of the right reasons. Your speech will also show people just how much you care about this wedding and what the couple means to you. No matter what type of speech you are writing for a wedding, these are just some of the great tips that you can read that will help you through this often very complicated process of speech writing.

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