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7 Essential Tips To Become a Successful Football Player

by AnaG (writer), Belgrade, Serbia, October 06, 2016

Read more to find which are the essential steps on your way to become a professional and successful football player.

Here are the 7 essential tips for all of you struggling on your journey to become a professional, successful and inspiring football player:

1.Keep Your Motivation Burning!

Yes, you really need to have a strong motivation in order to overcome all the obstacles, to stay focused on what is really important. So forget about the fame and fortune (it comes with the success don’t worry) and stay passionate about the game itself.

2.Train, Train, Train…

You are probably aware of the expression that for every success there is 10% talent but 90% work put in it. The same is with football, you need to train despite the bad weather, your relationship issues or if you are not in the mood. Statistics show that all best players trained 10,000 hours before their first ‘’big contract’’.

3.Create An Awesome Video

You think a scout will notice you on a local schoolyard when you play a game with your friends? Take off the pink-colored glasses! You need to create a ‘’killer video’’ and a gallery of your best photos. Try to create at least a ten minute video with a HD camera and keep repeating the filming until it is perfect!

4.Promote yourself

After you create the above mentioned materials it is time to promote yourself. Don’t worry, there is no need to hire a professional PR. Create a profile on a sports recruitment network and connect with other football players and agents. The more active you are on the network, the bigger the chances that the right person will see your profile!

5.You (also) need a CV

Even if you have videos and other promo materials a good CV is a must. When writing it keep in mind that you need to present your previous experience, height/weight and basically who you are in the best way possible. Luckily for you, you can find very good examples online.

6.Focus on the game

You never know when can you get the perfect opportunity, so make sure you do your best on EVERY game you play. But, don’t get discouraged if you had a bad one - just focus on the mistakes you made and try to improve them.

7.Stay Patient…

Success comes with constant effort so you should always be persistent and stay motivated. Messi, Ronaldo or Beckham surely didn’t become good (and famous) football players overnight...but not in few months also. You need to keep hustling for years sometimes before the perfect opportunity knocks on your door! So, be patient and like said in the beginning - train, train, train.

Hope these steps will help you on your way to become a football legend! Good luck!

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