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Talk through those ecstatic petals on Valentine’s Day

by Trishana (writer), New Delhi, India, September 26, 2016

Credit: Valentines Day Roses from Ferns N Petals
Valentines Day Roses

The words that cannot be told can be expressed with a flower. That’s why Valentine flower is the most important gift the Valentine’s Day for your loved ones.

Love is a feeling that can never be expressed totally in words. Talking of flower as a gift on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, rose would definitely top the chart because rose is the quintessential picture of eternal love. There is another interesting fact regarding rose as a gift on this day and that is the number of roses that you are sending that special person. Identify the meaning hidden behind number of roses in the following paragraph.

One rose and love @ first sight

When you are gifting one single piece of rose of any color to someone it suggests “love at first sight”. It also means that you are totally devoted to this person and would put your heart and soul in keeping this person happy.

Two rose and one soul

Two stalks of rose, especially red means that both of you are deeply, truly, and madly in love with each other and you really don’t care about the rest of the world as you two have your little world to care about.

Three Magical Words with 3 Roses

The strongest one of the lot would be presenting three stalks of roses. It means those magical words – I Love You. If you want to let that person know that you are in love with him/her take three roses and let these Valentine flower petals do the talking on your behalf.

Five roses & everlasting love

Five roses bouquet can be presented to someone when you love that person very much and don’t want to let him/her go away from you. Husbands and wives can take this one and rejuvenate the love life on this Valentine’s Day.

Seven for infatuation

When seven is the number of roses in your bouquet it suggests infatuation. If you want to let your crush know about your feelings, take along this bouquet of seven roses.

Nine is the strongest

Nine is a very strong number and a nice message is also portrayed through it. It means forever togetherness as long as life is there.

So, use these Valentine roses as per your feelings of the heart and keep your partner smiling.

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