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Ease into Autumn Like a Seasoned Pro

by CJ Wilson (writer), , September 22, 2016

The days are growing colder and shorter, but that shouldn't slow you down or prevent you from embracing the changing of the season.

Fall is officially here.

I love the season, but the arrival of fall always leaves me feeling a bit wistful as I contemplate the ambitious summer plans I had back in May that never materialized over the subsequent months, and thinking ahead to hiding myself away during the brutal winter months and the dreaded holiday season. I am still wearing shorts and flip flops, but there are already holiday decorations being peddled in stores!

I will not be discouraged; I refuse to steal myself away into a solipsistic retreat until the end of March when the first tulips start budding in the yard.So let’s all claim the fall. Here’s a plan to transition into autumn gracefully and triumphantly.

Feature Your Summer Photos

Hold on to summer memories throughout the year by creating a collage out of your best photographs. Or better yet, print them in a photo book that you can display on your coffee table. There are many sites that you can find online that can create this for you. My daughter is addicted to posting her images and selfies on social media, so we found a great site that will let her print her own photo book of summer memories directly from Instagram.

Keep the Blood Pumping

I have a gym membership, but haven’t been hitting it very hard these past few months since the summer was packed with a lot of outdoor activities and travel. Increasing gym visits as the months turn colder, will not only keep me fit during the more sedentary months, but will also get me moving out of the house. Sure, it’s easy to remain stagnant when the weather is cold, but increasing workouts during this time will take your mind off the cold, and give you a head start on all of the gym-goers who flock to the gym in January with their New Year resolutions occupying their minds.

Fall for Autumn Harvest

Autumn brings an amazing bumper crop of seasonal fruit and vegetables offering a wide range of flavors and textures. Seek out produce like apples, pears, figs, winter squash, and pumpkin (of course) at your local farmers’ markets. Plan meals around what’s in season and get the entire family involved. This is a great way to get the kids to understand the difference between fresh and processed food, and keep the family engaged in group activities.

Keep Social

BBQ season may almost be over, but that doesn’t mean that socializing with friends has to be put on hold until the holiday season. You can always find a reason to gather everyone together to engage in fellowship. The fall is beautiful time to light up the fire pit and make s’mores and roast hotdogs, just like you did back in the summer around a campfire. Plan new indoor social activities. Start a monthly classic movie club or book club and rotate it around to different homes.

Discover a New Hobby

With a change in routines that generally accompanies the transition the seasons, it is a perfect time to try something different. Seek out something new, something you’ve never tried before. Take a class, train yourself in a new skill, or take on a new indoor sport. I’ve always wanted to learn fencing, and was inspired this summer after watching some bouts in the Rio Olympics.

You don’t have to hibernate when the wind is brisk, and the days are shorter. There’s a fascinating world out there beyond the summer months. Let’s go!

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