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Ideas For Weddings Rings for Him

by AnaG (writer), Belgrade, Serbia, September 21, 2016

More grooms want unique and creative wedding rings, too. Learn more about great styles for him and customize your wedding ring today.

Nowadays men are very into fashion and some of them are becoming more interested in the accessories they are wearing even more than their ladies. When it comes to wedding planning, grooms are involved in every step of it including Wedding Marquee Hire. When it comes to choosing wedding bands, usually they are the ones who make the final decision. This doesn't mean that you can't "help'' your man to chose the right is still a ladies thing, right?

While more and more brides are choosing gemstone wedding rings, grooms are getting in on this great wedding trend as well. Many celebrities also say that they enjoy creating the unique look and that the gemstones add more meaning to their rings. If you check out all the famous fashion blogs, you will see that men's (wedding) rings are getting very creative and colorful. The trend of simple wedding bands is so behind us! Embrace the thing that your beloved one wants to be stylish and just help him chose the right piece.

Like mentioned above, nowadays it is all about colors. That's why gemstones dazzle from men rings in all their amazing (and natural) shades. Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Black onyx or even pink colored gems such as tourmaline or garnet are the perfect choice.

Here are three trends we’ve seen in gemstone wedding rings for men this year:

1.Diamonds on the side. Adding just a hint of sparkle on the top but lots of additional style to the overall look is the “on the side” gemstone wedding ring. This band places gemstones on the edges of the band, giving it a very cool, modern look.

2. Gemstone trio. Triple-stone rings are very popular for women and becoming equally as popular for men. Symbolizing your past, present, and future, many rings place the three stones along the width of the ring giving it an updated look.

3. Channel set rows. Lots of sparkle with masculine appeal! These gemstone wedding rings place stones in a channel setting, and many bands are using two channels to increase the shine. Channel settings are popular for men who work with their hands as it’s much harder to lose a stone from this deep-set ring.

Why don't you even surprise your prince with an unique ring you've designed just for him. So romantic, right?

If you're interested in purchasing the perfect wedding ring for your loved one, take a look at Berganza, who have a wonderful selection of engagement, wedding or just casual jewellery.

One tip: Why don't you try to match your engagement ring with your band and find the perfect third piece just for him? That way you will show him that you appreciate his choice of gemstone on your ring...that he was choosing for a long time (for sure).

These trendy men’s gemstone wedding rings and many other styles are ready to be customized in online stores. Just take your time and search for the best metal, color and setting match that complement your man!

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