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Re-energize your Body with Stupendous Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are functional beverages that have a range of ingredients that deliver a beneficial effect for those who need to be agile and active.

They incorporate performance enhancing substances like caffeine along with a complex mixture of vitamins. While some have effects such as increased memory, others improve the blood circulation in the brain, ears and eyes. A few consumers have reported experiencing a kind of ‘caffeine kick’, a sudden boost in performance due to caffeine.

A few of the energy drinks consist of fruit contents that have a positive effect on your overall health. For instance, acai berries protect the body cells from oxidation.

However, over-consumption of energy drinks can cause severe side effects like nausea, agitation, stomach aches and seizures and in severe cases, insomnia. On the contrary, if you are searching to add a can of energy drink in your daily fluid intake,

Here’s a list of best healthy drinks to buy:

  • Red Bull – The company sells 5.387 billion cans per year, making it the best-selling energy drink worldwide. With the slogan of “Red Bull gives you wings”, it offers 8 different variations which include original, sugar-free, cola, red edition among others. Its caffeine concentration of 32mg/100 ml is approximately same as that of one cup of coffee.
  • Monster – It is the second best and popular among energy drink brands, and has a logo of a black can with a green M. The company offers more than 34 variants under this brand name. The caffeine content here is 33.81 mg/100 ml.
  • Mountain Dew – Having neon colored bright packaging, it offers a citrus flavor as its signature taste and comes in about 30 flavors. Some have been discontinued or restricted to specified regions.
  • Tzinga – Being the latest addition to the Indian market, the pricing is Rs. 20, which is much less as compared to other energy drinks. The company offers 3 distinct flavors.
  • Burn – With a tagline of “Fuel your Fire”, this one is owned by Coca-Cola and is available in 7 flavors that vary from Burn Mocha energy to Burn Berry, a non-carbonated and coffee flavored drink with a caffeine content of 32mg/100ml.
  • Crunk – Launched in 2004, it consists of pomegranate juice coupled with Vitamin B, corn syrup and a few herb blends like Skullcap, Epimedium, Ginseng, and Guarana.
  • Cloud 9 – Manufactured by Goldwin Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Group, it has caffeine, vitamin B and C, Taurine and some reconstituted apple juice. The latest variety of Wildberry has a flavor which combines tastes of blackcurrant, strawberry, blueberry, elderberry etc.
  • Café Cuba – Less than a year since its launch, this one is first of its kind in India (a carbonated coffee drink).
  • Xtra Power Energy Drink – Produced out of UAE by the famous Universal group FZ LLC, this drink was launched in 2012 and constitutes caffeine, amino acids, sugar, minerals along with vitamin B6 and B12.
  • B’Lue –A refreshing restorative drink containing 4 vitamins and 3 minerals, it has no caffeine content and is non-carbonated with an absence of any kind of added colors or preservatives.

If you don't find the right healthy drink to buy till now, you can check these brands or some healthy drinks and beverages available in the market.

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