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How you can become a Life Coach

by Alisia Watson (writer), , August 30, 2016

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Life Coach

Interest in becoming a life coach is increasing day by day. If you want to know how you can become a life coach you need to know about these 4 things

Many people have different perceptions of pursuing their professional career. But how about pursuing your career in something distinct from other common professions. We are here talking about building your professional career as a life coach.

If you have been thinking to be a life coach, then you need to know certain things before enrolling yourself in this field. Here are the few things which will help you what to choose before getting into this career.

Once you have decided to become a life coach, you first need to develop some skills too which are ultimately required for being a life coach. These skills include good listening skills, non-judgemental attitude, emphatic, adaptable, good in understanding others ideas and the most importantly have the ability to overcome any hurdle.

From Where to Get Training:

You may find several institutes and training centres offering training for becoming a life coach. But before the choice of an institution, you must confirm its accreditation. A life coach training institute is accredited with either from some national coach federation or International Coach Federation (ICF). It is better to choose the institute which has international associations.

One thing which is also important to focus is that the institute where you will get training also have courses related to the business building. Since you are your employee, the study related to the business structure in life coach training will help you to lift your business successfully.

Pros of Becoming Life Coach:

There are many benefits to being a life coach. Life coaching is about changing other’s lives and eventually this jobs brings you inner satisfaction as well as it is rewarding.

Another significant advantage of being life coach is you work according to your desire. You are your boss, you can make your time schedule and as well as plans. Secondly, it is an era of technology, you can also use social media like Skype, Facebook, etc. to coach. You can also coach over a call or on email if a location is an issue.

Life coaching is a diverse and exciting job. Your customer may have the different condition and aims, so it includes being compliant and imaginative and making it best to provide service to your client in attaining their potentials.

Cons of Being a Life Coach:

The drawbacks of being a life coach are very less. If anyone who pursues his career in life coaching cannot be a disadvantage for him. Because this is what the profession he has chosen and he must be satisfied with it. Being a life coach is extremely flexible because you work for your own, and you have freedom in this job.

Though, something you must keep in mind. Since life coach is a self-employed job, you also need to have business building skills. You might find it difficult to be successful if you don’t know how to market yourself and how to build your business. Also, in the beginning, the life coaches also do some odd jobs.

Working Platforms:

There are several platforms for where you can work as a life coach. You can rent an office and coach them in their office. If your customer resides far away from your location, you can also use other ways to coach them. Let’s assume your office is London and your client from Leeds you can ask them which way is suitable for them. You must also provide services on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber, on Phone and in an email. Apparently, having multiple platforms to coach customers can boost your life coaching career and as well as life coaching business.

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