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Impress Your Girl This Valentine’s Day: Three Golden Advices

by Trishana (writer), New Delhi, India, August 30, 2016

How does he do justice to his relationship with her, when it comes to choosing Valentine's day gift for her?

To impress a girl is quite an endeavor. To impress your girl who walks by your side as if your pride, is something more than an attempt. It's a love induced notion to make her happy, for every guy wants his girl to blush and giggle, radiate of happiness and pout out heartful laughs every now and then, once in a while. That's love and the essence of it that lovers all over the world live and breathe - an effortless effort to understand their partner, making an attempt as if conjuring a reflex, making their better half happy, as if it was all natural, as if the mere presence of one was enough to charm the other. So, when amidst the wintry chill, the swooning love letter arrives, paying an homage to the lovers who have lived before our time, singing an ode who are dissolved in the mesmerizing essence of love at the moment and acting as an inspiration for would-be lovers, the aura boasts of nothing but the color and scent of love.

For lovers, who are devoted to the very notion of love, Valentine's Day is a pious occasion, and every guy wants to worship and adore the girl or the woman who has made his life sublime, by showering her with words and token of affection and gratitude, that are synonymous to the feelings that he harbors for her. So, how does a guy choose, what's best for him and his girl on the occasion of Valentine's Day? How does he do justice to his relationship with her, when it comes to choosing Valentine's day gift for her? Here are a few advice for guys who are in love with a beautiful dame, when it comes to choosing the best gift for her, this V-day.

Melt Her In The Sweetness Of Your Love

Love has a flavor. And it's true. If love was supposed to have a flavor, it would have had been sweet - heavenly sweet. Sweetness is the core essence of love, and it is from the sweet bonding that exists between two individuals, that love evolves and prospers. No relationship can exist, without the essence of sweetness. Love is sweet, hence, my dear friend, you are definitely obliged to treat your lady to something sweet on the very occasion that boasts of love, that is, Valentine's Day. And what does a woman prefers the best when it comes to sweet delectable delights? Cakes and chocolates are our primal guess and it's correct. Choose a cake that defines your bonding the best. Say, if your relationship with her is sweet, though with a tang, then go for a cheesecake that boasts of an icing of blueberries or strawberries. If you share a very intimate love, that's pure bliss, then a vanilla cake or an elegant butterscotch cake shall definitely stand faithful to the purpose. A cute and cupid relationship that flows with fun and other jolly emotions, chocolate cakes, cupcakes, and delights are the best stereotypes that define such a bonding.

Those who say the 'unsaid'

Roses, they are the ones who tend to say the unsaid, with their vibrant shades and heavenly fragrances, they justify our emotions in the best manners possible, without the aid of words. Words are not always successful when it comes to putting delicate emotions together, in front of the person whom we dearly love, but roses say it all, and that too, without uttering a single word. So, dear brothers of mine, if there is a girl whom you dearly love, gift her a beautiful rose that bears the thorough shades of red. If you want to drop some adorable girl a hint that you're falling for her, then an offering of white roses shall fulfill the purpose. If she is the love of your life and has always made your life a blissful journey, supporting you always, being by your side, at every corner and every turn, the pink roses are for her for they are a token of love and gratitude. Hence, say your feelings out aloud by presenting her with roses, for roses are the soul of Valentine's Day and as a note, bear the significance of a few more rose colors in your mind - yellow speaks for care, orange for desire and peach for memories. I hope, you have got all the rest figured out in your mind.

Immortal Memories

Do you want to make your love feel special? Do you want to make her realize, of the importance that she holds in your life? What does she mean to you? How your future is nothing but a darkened space, without her presence? Of course, you do, for you love her like hell. Gift her the immortal offering of a memory. For memories are immortal, for once they are etched in someone's mind, they never cease to exist, for they are present forever and ever and ever. A memento is just a perfect gift for the love of your life and with online platforms booming with an assortment of mementos that you can personalize, we bet that your special girl shall be going gaga over a personalized table lamp, comfy cushion, coffee mug, teddy bear et al, this Valentine's Day. We know you shall pay heed to our golden words when it comes to impressing the love of your life.

When it comes to Valentines gift ideas for her, we believe we have played our part, so tread along the bread crumbs that we have scattered for you, and make your lady love your accomplice when it comes to celebrating the most special day that celebrates your love life.

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