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Tips for Creating an Extra Kitchen in the Basement

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 25, 2016

Here's an old idea made new again: putting the kitchen in the basement.

There are undoubtedly lots of uses to which a basement can be put. Some people prefer to have a laundry room, a home gym, a home theater, or a perfect room for the whole family. In case you already have all of them experts advise to add a little kitchen there in order not to have to go back and force to the main kitchen when spending pleasant time with the family downstairs.

The first important that a professional basement contractor and the CEO of Penguin Basements Guy Solomon advises is to always keep in mind that adding an extra kitchen to the basement space has nothing to do with a one you already have on the ground floor. This is why he created several tips for you to build a perfect little kitchen in the basement space.


Every good kitchen requires ventilation. The easiest way to make it work in a basement space is to install an electric chimney. It is the most efficient way to quickly eliminate all the cooking smells unless you like the smell of food in the room.

Fire Safety

There is no secret that kitchen is the most dangerous place in the whole house because of fire danger. This is why especially because you are making such a place in the basement you need to take all the precaution measures to keep the kitchen safe. Remember that the basement exit should be somewhere away from the kitchen in order to secure your little children with fast and safe getaway. Do not forget to buy a handy fire extinguisher, because as a rule most home fires start very small and exactly in the kitchen.


Basement floors are as a rule made from concrete in order to make them strong enough so that they can support the weight of all the kitchen machines. Basement has a great advantage of using dishwashers and washing machines, as it is isolated from the whole house.

There is one slight disadvantage of basement floors – they are very cold. But you can easily avoid this discomfort by using warm floors on the step of finishing the floors. Trust experts – this will bring you a world of good!


As a rule, when creating basement kitchens people renovate their main kitchen and take that “old” furniture from the main floor to the basement kitchen – in this way you can finish two projects at once and save some money. In order to create at least slightly different kitchen downstairs think about painting it in different color or adding some new details which can result in a very different visual appeal.


Creating a kitchen in the basement space has even more advantages according to Guy Solomon. One of those “mores” is the fact that all the drains of your house are situated exactly here – in the basement, so you will not have problems with installation and connection of new sinks, dishwashers or washing machines to the existing basement pipes.

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